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Yesterday I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my immediate family and I hope you did as well

I sent an email yesterday explaining what a horrible childhood I had to explain why I’m so thankful now. (and got some amazing replies that were very inspiring and heart-felt)

I think a lot of us that use AutoHotkey are incredibly grateful for the great & amazing community surrounding it.  Our forum is full of “giving people”.    As you’ll see in the AHK Hero group, AHK people are very kind and extremely helpful.

As a way of expressing my gratitude I’ve created a discount code for 40% off everything we offer.  Use “IndependantMeBlackFriday” during checkout and you’ll receive 40% off anything you purchase between Today and Monday December 5th.  

Remember:  you are the best asset you have!

Just click one of the items below and use the coupong during checkout

Joe, Isaias, and staff

P.S. the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.
The 2nd best time to plant a tree is today. So don’t wait and invest in yourself Today!

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