Print out these 79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++ and start working smarter, not harder

From built in hotkeys for Notepad++the AutoHotkey User Survey we did earlier this year, Notedpad++ was the most frequently used AutoHotkey editor (Nearly 30% reported using it).  I’ve used it however I prefer AHK Studio for programming in AutoHotkey and SciTE4AutoHotkey for all other editing needs.

Anyway, if you’re a Notepad++ user, I highly recommend you download this zip file which I put together with the best .

79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++ Overview

Microsoft announces Power Automate Desktop is now Free for Windows 10 users

Power Automate DesktopPower Automate Desktop

March 2, 2021 Microsoft announced that Power Automate Desktop will be FREE for windows 10 users! You can read more Power Automate here, or check out their blog and learn more. You can download Power Automate Desktop here. Or work through their documentation

Below Isaias Baez and I discuss this announcement and the use of the Power Automate Desktop

If you’d like to start learning about AutoHotkey, you can go here and get discount coupons to all of our AutoHotkey courses

Matching AutoHotkey Mentors to Mentees- Working with Nested Objects

As you may know, I’ve created this site to sign up for / be an AutoHotkey mentor  (I think having a mentor and being a mentor are critical steps to growing)

Matching AutoHotkey Mentors to Mentees was much more complicated than I had anticipated.  After some work I realized using objects in AutoHotkey would be a great way to handle the data so I asked Isaias Baez to “drive” as he’s better with objects than I.

You can get the Mentor & Mentee files here

Matching AutoHotkey Mentors to Mentees

Here is the Matching AutoHotkey Mentors to Mentees final script we ended with

56th AutoHotkey Webinar: Pulover’s Macro Creator by Rodolfo Batista

AutoHotkey webinarWe were fortunate enough to have Rodolfo Batista come to our 56th AutoHotkey webinar and talk through his amazing Pulover’s Macro Creator!

The first hour Rodolfo talked through it’s creation, usage and common users

The Second hour we dove a bit deeper into Pulover’s Macro Creator and some of his other tools.   The Listview class of his was a topic of this past webinar lead by Jean Lalonde (author of Quick Access Popup).  You can access Pulover’s (Rodolfo’s) Github here

This script gets ~3,000 Downloads per week!  And is an amazingly popular sub-thread on the AutoHotkey forum

The tool was first created in April of 2012.  This means for nearly 10 years Rodolfo has worked on this on his own time!  If you’ve ever benefited from using the tool, please consider donating to him.  I did as, when I was first learning AHK, I used his tool to help see what code was being generated.

You can also subscribe to Rodolfo’s YouTube Channel here.

Script Highlight: OSDTip() by SKAN.

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