How to stop someone from taking your script | Prevent easy decompiling with this #1 Hack

Its very easy to peak inside a compiled AutoHotkey script!  In this AutoHotkey demo video I show

How to stop someone from taking your script |Prevent easy decompiling

In the video  mention the below resources to help stop someone from taking your script #download ;Resource Hacker ;Look at RCData ;mpress for compression ;UPX for 64 bit or 32 bit compression How to stop someone from taking your script with Payload; AHK_Decompiler ; AutoHotkey_H Compiler

If you want to take it to the net level with AutoHotkey_H, you can watch this AutoHotkey Webinar where HotkeyIt (author of AutoHotkey_H) walks through the “long way” to compile an AutoHotkey script with AutoHotkey_H.  It’s really complicated and doesn’t add too much more of protection so I highly recommend doing the approach I do in the video!

AutoHotkey Webinar 12/2020 – Amazing AutoHotkey Listview Class and epic web scraping debugging with Chrome.ahk

AutoHotkey webinar Amazing AutoHotkey Listview ClassOur AutoHotkey webinar went really well today.

We started off discussing

Hour 1 : Amazing AutoHotkey Listview Class built by Pulover and a demo given by Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup.  You can get examples and source code on GitHub here.  This class provides an easy way to add functionalities to ListViews that are not supported by AutoHotkey built-in functions such as

  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Drag
  • Undo (History)
  • Groups (collapse)

Hour 2: Troubleshooting webscraping in Chrome.ahk for Dimitri.  We didn’t solve it, but lots of great troubleshooting

Script Highlight: Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

80- Click and Drag in BlueStacks Emulator Part 1  

81- Click and Drag in BlueStacks Part 2  

82- Complexity and Coding

83- Benefits of AHK Mentorship  

AutoHotkey User Survey

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AutoHotkey Tutorial: How to use Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey | Hack your PC today!

Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

In this AutoHotkey tutorial I demonstrate how to use voice recognition with AutoHotkey on your computer. I found an AutoHotkey script performing voice recognition from scriptor2016 and made some general tweaks. It’s not an Alexa, but being able to have your computer recognize your voice commands is pretty cool!

I love using our Alexa Echoes throughout the house!  Controlling things with your voice can be really fun and helpful!  Here I  show how easy it is to use AutoHotkey to setup voice recognition software that will recognize voice commands and trigger responses that you want.  AHK is free and Windows 7,8, and 10 have the built-in SAPI voice controls so it should be really easy for you to incorporate this on your computer and customize it to what voice commands you want.   I made some tweaks to the script I found.  Mainly allowing to have spaces between words.

Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey


Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

You can download the AutoHotkey Voice recognition script below