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AutoHotkey Webinar VS code: GIT and Debug like you’ve never seen it! #1 for GIT Integration!

Script Highlight: Window Snipping by the-Automator


  • Allow custom hotkeys
  • Easily change Outlook Signatures
  • Save files to your desktop
  • Auto Check for Updates
  • Instructions


We had a great AutoHotkey webinar VS Code by our top employee Isaias Baez!AutoHotkey webinar VS Code

Hour 1: Overview of VS Code: Installation, Configuring, Debugging, GIT

Hour 2: Questions & answers More debugging, features

VS Code Webinar

AutoHotkey Plus extension

Make sure you leverage Bookmarks

Visualize code authorship at a glance with Gitlens

Easily open hex files with the Hex Editor

Get GIT to seamlessly store revisions of your code

And check this tutorial out on how to configure GIT

AutoHotkey Webinar 12/2020 – Amazing AutoHotkey Listview Class and epic web scraping debugging with Chrome.ahk

AutoHotkey webinar Amazing AutoHotkey Listview ClassOur AutoHotkey webinar went really well today.

We started off discussing

Hour 1 : Amazing AutoHotkey Listview Class built by Pulover and a demo given by Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup.  You can get examples and source code on GitHub here.  This class provides an easy way to add functionalities to ListViews that are not supported by AutoHotkey built-in functions such as

  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Drag
  • Undo (History)
  • Groups (collapse)

Hour 2: Troubleshooting webscraping in Chrome.ahk for Dimitri.  We didn’t solve it, but lots of great troubleshooting

Script Highlight: Voice Recognition with AutoHotkey

80- Click and Drag in BlueStacks Emulator Part 1  

81- Click and Drag in BlueStacks Part 2  

82- Complexity and Coding

83- Benefits of AHK Mentorship  

AutoHotkey User Survey

Please complete the AutoHotkey User Survey  There’s still a few days left to be entered into the drawing for prizes.   December 5th is the cutoff for the drawings.


Understanding AutoHotkey GUI control flow with SciTE debug

AutoHotkey GUI control flowAutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ballI’m working through this playlist of great mini-tutorials of AutoHotkey GUIs by Helbent/CivReborn  and was having a tough time understanding how / when events would be activated in my script.  I realized using SciTE’s debug feature would help me understand the AutoHotkey GUI control flow.  It was very helpful so I thought I’d make a short video demonstrating its usage and it helped me grasp what was going on withing my script.

Below is a short video showing how I used it.  I hope it helps you as much as it did me!

AutoHotkey GUI control flow

AutoHotkey Bottle 3

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