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Additive tree on restaurants built using correlation analysis with SYSTAT


Correlation Analysis

A few years back I fielded a national study on the frequency of visiting restaurant chains.  In SPSS I did correlation analysis however, as is always the case, showing a correlation matrix to the client is not an option (if I want them to understand anything.)

So I took the matrix and imported into SYSTAT then computed an Additive tree.  Additive trees examine the response patterns across variables and group them, according to their similarities, in the shape of a two-dimensional tree. The closer items appear to each other, the higher the correlation between them.  (The color coding is subjective and is just added to aide interpretation)

The Additive Tree below is much easier to evaluate as clear patterns can be seen in how consumers “see” the chains.
correlation analysis restraunt-additive tree

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

And here is a book utilizing SYSTAT by one of the programmers. I learned the vast majority of my statistics from this great book!

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