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🅰️HK Lesson Index

Below you can find an index of all the lessons that will be covered in our AHK Onboarding campaign.

Onboarding to AutoHotkey

You can take them in any order you think makes sense to you.

1) Intro 2) AHK Versions 3) Editors 4) First AHK Script 5) Getting Help
6) Variables 7) Run @ Startup 8) Downloading Viruses 9) HotStrings 10) Hotkeys
11) One vs Many Scripts 12) Intro to QAP 13) Functions & Directives 14) Custom Functions 15) Includes & Lib
16) Troubleshooting 17) Intro to GUIs 18) Using Clipboard 19) Reading Files 20) Saving Preferences
21) Automating older Progs 22) Automating Menus

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