AHK Podcasts in 2020-Learn about the RPA industry with these amazing discussions

AHK PodcastsGreetings fellow AutoHotkey enthusiasts! Jackie Sztuk from jszapp.com and I are having weekly AHK podcasts where we talk-through various things about automation & AutoHotkey.   For more in-depth dives, check out our AutoHotkey webinars

Most of the AutoHotkey podcasts are designed for listening to however, at times, we do reference things on our screens. Generally speaking the mp3 files should be fine…

AHK Podcast Player

BTW- Maestrith, author of AHK Studio and I were on a call.  We thought it would be fun to have an AutoHotkey mp3 player.  In about 15 minutes he cranked out this cool AHK gem.  It will dynamically update the below podcasts and play them!

If you have a particular topic you would like covered, please let us know!

AHK Podcasts

001-mp3   Video  Why and what to automate
002-mp3   Video  Automating ourselves out of a job?
003-mp3   Video  Charging for AutoHotkey work / Advice
004-mp3  Video  Using Functions in AutoHotkey
005-mp3  Video  Multiple scripts verse single script
006-mp3  Video  Why people don’t pick-up AutoHotkey
007-mp3  Video  Running scripts on multiple computers
008-mp3  Video  Current AutoHotkey forum issues
009-mp3  Video  When NOT to use AutoHotkey
010-mp3  Video  What AHK IS good for
011-mp3  Video  What holds AutoHotkey back?  Why is it so niche.
012-mp3 part 1  part 2  Video part 1  part 2  Various AutoHotkey websites & Communities.  PowerPoint deck with links
013-mp3  Video  APIs vs. Web Scraping
014-mp3  Video  Historical versions of AutoHotkey
015-mp3  Video  What can be automated
016-mp3  Video  Most Overlooked AHK Functionality
017-mp3  Video  Thought process before scripting
018-mp3 Video  Preferred Order of Technology used for Automation
019-mp3  Video  The future of web scraping with AutoHotkey
020-mp3  Video  RPA and Desktop Automation
021-mp3  Video Three Philosophical views of Computer Automation / RPA
022-mp3  Video  Computer Automation Continuum
023-mp3  Video  Prioritizing Work / Scripting

AutoHotkey Podcast

024-mp3  Video RPA Search Terms
025-mp3  Video  Ways to save your Settings to your script
026-mp3  Video Cached DLL issue
027mp3  Video  Communicating with users of your script
028mp3  Video  Annotating your code
029-mp3  Video  Writing Polished Script
030-mp3  Video  Gender and Programming
031-mp3  Video  Should you let your colleagues/boss know you’re using AutoHotkey?
032-mp3  Video  Security & text files
033-mp3  Video  Using SetTimer to mimic multi-threading
034-mp3  Video  Using Virtual Desktops to hide programs
035-mp3  Video  UI Automation
036-mp3  Video  “Digital Worker”
037-mp3  Video  Default settings
038-mp3  Video  How much time spend Scripting
039-mp3  Video  How do most people think about computers / programs 
040-mp3   Video  Why and what to automate
041-mp3  VideoHave Systems so Ordinary people can do Extraordinary things
042-mp3  Video  Have “expert systems“, not “expert employees
043-mp3  Video  Automating writing syntax by monitoring Fiddler traffic
044-mp3  Video  Convincing your boss to let you automate
045-mp3  Video  How to document your savings
046-mp3  Video  When to create a GUI
047-mp3  Video  Writing PseudoCode
048-mp3  Video  AutoIt vs AutoHotkey
049-mp3  Video  XMLHTTP Request instead of Web Scraping
050-mp3 Video Why people don’t ask “what was just done” when they don’t know
051-mp3 Video Using Metrics to get Adaption of Automation
052-mp3 Video Automation Anywhere Ad
053-mp3 Video AHK Podcasts Year in Review
054-mp3 Video CoronaVirus and the future of work
055-mp3 Video  Adapting OCR to using a stream for screen clipping tool
056-mp3 Video  How often do we need to re-educate ourselves
057-mp3 Video  Non-Desktop running programs
058-mp3 Video  Are Programs getting harder to automate?
059-mp3 Video What are API calls?
060-mp3 Video GUI software and the workplace
061-mp3 Video Automating Citrix and remote connections
062-mp3 Video Fixing / Updating Automate my Task
063-mp3 Video Edge Via Chrome Class
064-mp3 Video Controls in AutoHotkey
065-mp3 Video Proposed AHK Forum rules on Hacking Botting
066-mp3 Video Keeping a script separate or putting in AutoHotkey.ahk
067-mp3 Video Ways to make $ with AutoHotkey
068-mp3 Video Selling software (group discussion)
069-mp3 Video Do People see what needs automating?
070-mp3 Video Computer Vision DLL / Contour
071-mp3 Video Hierarchy of Competence
072-mp3 Video Correlations on Interest
073-mp3 Video Configure Hotkey on 2nd Keyboard
074-mp3 Video CyberU Rejection Letter
075-mp3 Video Alternatives to Github
076-mp3 Video Intro to GUIs with AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey Podcast

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