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Use AHK Toolkit to help test and develop AutoHotkey code

Around 10 years ago RaptorX developed a great tool entitled AHK Toolkit.  

Main features:

  • Create hotkeys to launch programs or scripts without need to restart the script
  • Create normal or multi-line hotstrings on the fly also without needing to restart the script
    • They can be ahk commands as well.
  • Small Editor to write and execute autohotkey scripts even when you dont have autohotkey installed in the PC
    • I use it to test code without having to save a file for it, but this really shines when the script is compiled and you are in a pc that does not have AHK installed.
  • Auto run selected code
    • If you Ctrl + Alt Click selected text that is ahk code it will be run automatically.
  • Detect AutoHotkey scripts copied to the clipboard and allow you to upload it to a pastebin service or save it to a file.
    • This little gem copies the link of the created pastebin to the clipboard.
    • If you use AutoHotkey.net as the pastebin. you can specify a nickname and your paste will be auto announced in IRC channel.
    • It also auto replace #Include files by the actual files. no more: “oh i forgot to mention that there are includes there… remove those lines!”.
  • Open the help file and search for the word below the cursor using a hotkey of your preference.
  • Use a secondary hotkey to open online documentation if there is no help file in your computer. If you are in the forum this function will add [url] tags on the word so that it becomes clickable after posting.

Secondary features:

  • Auto run selected code
    • If you Ctrl + Alt Click selected text that is ahk code it will be run automatically. You can also Ctrl + Alt Drag to select the text and once you let go of the Left Mouse button the script will run.
  • Alt + Click on a window will take a screen shot of it and upload it to an anonymous Imageshack acount if you did not specify one on the options. The link will be copied to the Clipboard for easy share.
  • Alt + Dragging the mouse will take a screen shot of the selected area and do the same as above.

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