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AHKCon / First ever AutoHotkey Conference


AHKCON – World’s first AutoHotkey Conference!

We’re getting closer to AHKCon which is going to be on  August 6th and 7th.  Each day we’ll be starting at 10:00 a.m. EDT and going for four hours.

To be sure we provide content that is helpful for attendees we’re making a few assumptions

  • You can understand English
  • You’ve been using AutoHotkey for 6 months (or have 1 year+ programming experience in other languages)

The Conference will be held in a Zoom Webinar and sessions will be the following two formats:

  • Lectures (people present a “how to” do something with AutoHotkey
  • Panels (a group of AHK experts discuss a given topic)

While we have a good handle on the topics for the panels, we’d really like to get you to vote on the topics for lectures.  Please select your top 4 topics.   There’s room to write in additional topics however please keep in mind the general audience is for intermediate level AutoHotkey people and that the topic has to have a broad level of appeal.

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