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AutoHotkey Webinar- 6/2021 Helping Users- API calls, ACC library & more!

AutoHotkey webinarThis AutoHotkey webinar was pretty amazing!
Video Hour 1: Helping others: Snagit, ACC library, Controls
Video Hour 2: GUIs, PID verse hwn ID, & more

Script Highlight:  Fiddler Everywhere Ripper / API Syntax writer

We also discussed Webservice APIs.  Our AHK Webinar on APIs is a great place to start

You also might want to download our API Syntax writer

We discussed the ACC library in this ahk webinar and demonstrated its usage in this AHK Webinar

When we were working through how to best solve Snaggit issue, I mentioned the 17 ways to automate windows  as well as AutomateMyTask

Extracting text from ResponseBody in API call

Working on an API call with a friend and we ran into a very weird error “No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page”.
I tried working through it but couldn’t figure it out so I asked Charlie Simmons (Tank from the AutoHotkey forum) to give me a hand. He worked through it after a bit of trial & error.

Turns out there was some sort of “illegal” character in the ResponseText field that the WinHTTP com object could not handle. You can get the script below, or download my updated API syntax writer.


Built-in VS Code Hotkeys | Printable list of 141 amazing hotkeys and how to customize them

Built-in VS Code HotkeysVS Code is an amazing editor / IDE!  In this AutoHotkey webinar Isaias showed us how to configure it and walked us through some of the great functionality like debugging and GIT integration.  I really love how VS code handles hotkeys.  In some ways its very similar to AHK Studio in that you can easily type in the search to bring up the hotkeys and then change any one you want.  Get the VS code extensions to adapt the hotkeys to other editors.

You can download the printable file with built in hotkeys here

Reviewing Built-in VS Code Hotkeys

AHKScriptScanner is a great free tool to help evaluate AutoHotkey scripts


AHKScriptScanner can help you spot RATs!

Some say there’s no such thing as bad press.  Well when AutoHotkey gets mentioned as a vehicle for distributing RATs (Remote Access Trojans).   In this article they discuss how someone was using FileInstall to alter installed files.

If you have an executable, you can watch this video to see a few approaches below how to decompile your script or read this post on the AHK Forum


  • Intro to AutoHotkey HotStrings with AutoHotkey Intermediate AutoHotkey GUIs are Easy with AutoHotkey Intro to DOS & AutoHotkey