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AutoHotkey Convention in Las Vegas sometime in 2020

AutoHotkey Convention in Las VegasI’m working with a few other people that are interested in having some sort of an AutoHotkey convention in Las Vegas sometime in 2020.  Currently we are just trying to gauge interest.  Here is what we’re thinking as of now:

  1.  Sometime in 2020
  2.  Currently thinking there would be:
    1. Presenters
    2. Training
    3. Networking
  3. To save money, have it “off strip”
  4. Excess money would go to AHK Foundation

If you have any interest, go here and complete the form.  If we don’t hit a critical mass, we won’t keep working on it so if you’d consider attending at all, please complete the form.

I talk through the above with a bit more detail here

AutoHotkey Convention in Las Vegas


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