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Easily create & update GUI controls in AutoHotKey

Easily create & update GUI controlsAutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ball

This video discusses how to use some of the build in functionality to Easily create & update GUI controls in AutoHotKey. Specifically I discuss the use of Margins, Sections and Previous controls. After watching this video you’ll see GUIs are not nearly as hard in AutoHotKey as you had thought.

Script used in video:

Gui, +AlwaysOnTop +resize
Gui, color,aqua ;keep on top & allow resize
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text1
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text2
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text3
Gui, Add, Text,section , my text4
Gui, Add, Text,ys      , my text5
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text6
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text7
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text8
Gui, Show, w600 h400
#SingleInstance, Force


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