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AutoHotkey News 2024-06-27- Claude is King❗


Back in early 2023, Chat GPT 3.5 was taking off, we tried getting AutoHotkey v2 code out of it however, after lots of prompting, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I was confident that, given some time, we’d be able to use AI for writing v2 code.

Then, over the last year, Chat GPT kept upgrading it’s models and others like Bard/Gemini, Perplexity, Claude, joined in I was sure we could get reliable v2 code.

Sadly that was not the case.

No matter what prompt we provided, it would never offer up valid v2 code.  And this has remained the case for the past year.

Well that’s just changed !

Late Monday night I was watching videos Claude’s new Sonnet model and that it was better than Chat GPT 4.o.  One thing in particular was that it was “very good at programming”.

So I made a reminder on my calendar to test if Claude could provide AutoHotkey v2 code.

Because GUIs are objects in v2, but commands in v1, it’s my “go to” example to quickly check if a model is providing me with v1 or v2 code.   Sure enough, not only did it provide me with v2 code but, more importantly, it provided WORKING v2 Code that did exactly what I asked (and more!)

Also, Claude created a new feature called an “ artifact ”.  If you go to your Claude settings à “Feature Preview” you can enable “artifacts” and you can get your suggested code in a separate window (see below however it is now located on bottom left of screen)

Amazingly you can access the Sonnet model without having a paid plain (although they do limit your prompts.  Apparently paying customers get 5X the amount of questions for $20 a month)

I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting valid v2 code out of the other AI models in the future however I’m just so excited we finally have one that really helps us now.   This means our clients will get even more from our done-for-you work and tutoring sessions!

To celebrate this monumental event I’m putting two of our classes on sale!   The first 5 people to purchase either course below save 50% on their purchase

Don’t forget, our courses come with a Double your money back Guarantee!

Now on with the show…

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Tips for using Claude to write your AutoHotkey code

Last week we released two videos.  The first one was really just an announcement that the Sonnet model from Claude was writing valid v2 code.   The second one we showed a few cool features of Claude that you’ll want to use/enable.

Tips on Using Claude to write AutoHotkey code
Tips on Using Claude to write AutoHotkey code

Updating our Voice Access GUI

While we were developing our Voice Access GUI, Irfan and I were realizing something wasn’t quite right.  We decided to hold off until our inhouse GUI Wizard (Isaias) was available.  I decided to record the session in case there were some learnings and, not surprisingly, there were.  You can get some good GUI tips by watching this video.

Updating the GUI of our Voice Access Script / the-Automator Team Meeting
Updating the GUI of our Voice Access Script / the-Automator Team Meeting

Adding a CoPilot key

I recently read that the built-in Windows 11 hotkey for pulling up Copilot (Win+C) is going away.  Apparently the plan is to have Copilot entangled in the Taskbar.  ☹

In this video I show how you can use AutoHotkey to add a “Copilot” key which remaps the Win+Shift+{F23} key.  Hopefully this will still work after they remove the above functionality but no promises.

How to Create your own CoPilot Hotkey without buying a new Keyboard
How to Create your own CoPilot Hotkey without buying a new Keyboard

Improving People’s Lives: Story #5 Exploding a Radiologist’s Productivity

One of our Radiologist mentioned that 70 billable units is the norm for his industry and 80 is considered burn-out.
Before working with us 101 was his highest he’d ever achieved.  After working with us he hit a new high of 140!
He literally did double what others are doing without sacrificing quality or getting burned-out.

What we’re reading

AI / Chat GPT-3 News / Usage

What Is an AI Anyway? | Mustafa Suleyman | TED
What Is an AI Anyway? | Mustafa Suleyman | TED

⚡️Productivity tips: Embrace AI

If you’re one of those people that are putting your head in the sand regarding AI advancement, I understand many of your fears however:

AI is Here and Changing the World Faster Than Ever!

The world is filled with examples where entire populations of people were devastated by not “keeping up”  (China during 15th to 19th Century, Japan 1603-1868, Islamic World 16th to 19th century).   Each of these cultures were at he forefront then decided to isolate themselves only to later pay enormous prices.

I’ve known many people that make a contious decision to “stop learning”.  Sooner or later they end up severly regretting that decision!

A spot of Humor

This video from Columbo is even funnier when we consider where AI is these days!

Are you using AutoHotkey wrong?
Are you using AutoHotkey wrong?

What we utomated this week with AutoHotkey #50

This was a “light week” as Irfan and Rizwan were out most of it.  We only worked on 29 AutoHotkey scripts!  I walk through them in this video.

What we automated with AutoHotkey #50
What we automated with AutoHotkey #50


With The-Automator, I learned to use AutoHotkey, in order to automate otherwise tedious and repetitive tasks.

Thanks to Joe Glines and all his guests, I am now able to automate boring tasks, “if only my mower could respond to AutoHotkey”.  — Claude P.

AHK Hero

Consider joining the AHK Hero club! Members receive 25% off courses, consultations, tutoring, done for you project work, etc.    Currently we have over 276 hours of recordings teaching AutoHotkey that is exclusive to AHK Hero members❗

During this Friday’s call we’re planning to discuss:

  • Having hidden icons in scripts- ability to “toggle” their visibilty
  • Running Scripts as UI Access (instead of Admin)
  • Voice Access / Voice Shortcuts
  • Listviews: Selecting & getting values

They also have access to exclusive & pre-released content and a 3 hours a week where we help people with their AHK issues (the Saturday calls are geared towards people new to AutoHotkey.)

️ Quotable quotes

  • Find & hire people that are over-performing in crappy jobs Dan Kennedy
  • S.Y.S.T.E.M. Save Your Self Time Energy & Money
  • If you think education is expensive, try ignorance — Derek Bok


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Joe, Isaias, Irfan, Rizwan and staff

P.S. With v1 being deprecated, and not expecting any updates, I highly encourage you to switch to v2.

Our v1 to v2 course helps make the transition painless!  If you act now with this link you’ll probably be one of the first 5 to purchase which means you’ll save 50%!

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