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AutoHotkey Newsletter February 29th, 2024

Howdy %Name%,

About a year ago we were contacted by Allen, a blind subscriber asking to book a consultation session with us to help him use UIA.   This (somewhat) made sense to us because UIA was created to help blind people use computers (it’s the digital version of brail)

We were really excited to help Allen but were cautiously optimistic because we’ never taught a blind person before.

Man were we idiots❗

When Allen joined the call we learned Allen didn’t want us to help him use UIA.  He was writing a program to help his coworkers (THAT CAN SEE) be more productive❗We were blown away how a legally blind person was using AutoHotkey to create tools for his “technically challenged”, but sight-enabled team!

If you’re like us, you’re feeling like a slacker!   But there’s still hope for all of us!

AutoHotkey is a great way to increase both your and your coworkers productivity.   And think of how easy it will be as you can watch our courses!

Now on with the show…

Become a Power user Intro to AutoHotkey Intermediate AutoHotkey Intermediate Objects GUIs are Easy w/AutoHotkey Make the switch to v2

Intro to Automating Excel & COM object: Team Meeting

Last week Rizwan asked for an overview of using AutoHotkey with Excel and a COM Object.  Isaias and I gave him a decent introduction and helped clarify a few misconceptions.  You can check out the video here.  We have over 30 AHK v1 videos teaching how to automate Excel here.

Learning about the Excel COM object, classes, functions, etc.
Learning about the Excel COM object, classes, functions, etc.

But don’t worry, if you’re using v2, there is very little change in how you use a COM object.   It’s the main reason our Functions, Objects, and Classes course is for both v1 and v2.

As I’m hoping you know by now, all of our courses come with a 200% money back guarantee.

🤔Easily Compare List of Items / Instant Venn Diagram analysis

When I worked in database marketing at Texas Instruments I’d frequently have a several lists and be wanting to compare what was in one list and not the other (and understand which were in both).  Sometimes it was part numbers, but often it was other things like email addresses, Document titles, Video IDs, etc.   I wrote a simple tool back then which was sweet!

I asked Rizwan to update it to v2 but had him add some cool features like: compare the items stripping-out the whitespace around the items, Allow to turn on/off case sensitivity, and show the results using our fancy Notify class.  You can see a video demonstrating the new tool here.   BTW- while the GUI only displays ~ 30 or so items, the script hand handle thousands…  So don’t think it is limited by what you see in the GUI.  You can get the counts and copy the lists to your clipboard for the full lists.

How to Easily Compare lists of Items
How to Easily Compare lists of Items

Easily Launch Windows Apps

In their infinite wisdom, Microsoft developers have made launching Windows Apps ridiculously complicated.  But don’t worry, we got you covered!  In this video I show how you can easily get a list of all your Windows Apps and launch them with a hotkey.

👨💻 AutoHotkey Secret: Run Windows Apps Instantly with AHK v1 or v2! 🚀
👨💻 AutoHotkey Secret: Run Windows Apps Instantly with AHK v1 or v2! 🚀

📚 What we’re reading

🤖 AI / Chat GPT-3 News / Usage

⚡️Productivity tips: Play hide-and-seek

One great tips I learned from Dan Kennedy was to relocate yourself where “time vampires” can’t find you.   Scheduling time to be unavailable is a great way to ensure you can get more done.

🤣 A spot of Humor: Staying alive!

Sit back, turn it up, and get a great laugh out of this video

I put some Bee Gees music over North Korean marching
I put some Bee Gees music over North Korean marching

What we 🅰utomated this week with AutoHotkey #34

Last week we didn’t have as many shareable scripts as we did a lot of consulting work for clients.  We did have some cool scripts come up during the week though and, in this video, I walk through what we worked on.

What we automated with AutoHotkey #34
What we automated with AutoHotkey #34

AHK Hero 🦸

Here are the planned discussion points for our Friday AHK Hero call:

  •  Turning off detecting hidden text (When and why to use it)
  •  Looping multiple times but moving forward if the variable is set
  •  UIA- starting lower down the tree, performing search with UIA verse AutoHotkey
  •  Turning on/off Redraw on GUI/ “fixing” MRU option on ClipHistory

We have 3 hours of AHK Hero calls each week. Currently we have over 218 hours of recordings teaching AutoHotkey that is exclusive to AHK Hero members❗

Consider joining the 🦸AHK Hero club! Members receive 25% off courses, consultations, tutoring, done for you project work, etc.

They also have access to exclusive & pre-released content and a 3 hours a week where we help people with their AHK issues (the Saturday calls are geared towards people new to AutoHotkey.)

🗣️ 💭 Quotable quotes

  • Don’t sacrifice peace of mind for a piece of luxuryJames Cleary<a/li>
  • If the world should blow itself up tomorrow, the last audible voice would be an expert saying: it can’t be done Peter Ustinov
  • I will always hire a lazy person to do a hard job, because they will always find an easy way to do it Bill Gates


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Joe, Isaias, Irfan, Rizwan and staff

P.S. The story at the beginning of this newsletter is 100% true.  It was both humbling and inspiring to see Alan doing amazing things with AutoHotkey!   If you’re wanting to discover the powers of AutoHotkey, I highly recommend you check out our courses.  They all have  a 200% money-back guarantee so you have nothing at risk.

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