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How to use AutoHotkey to Automate IE from within Edge | Windows 10 & Windows 11

Automate IE from within EdgeA while back someone wrote me saying how IE is dead and wondering how we can automate other browsers.  While IE is definitely on it’s death-bed, I do still automate IE for sites that will let IE load.  Someone mentioned that Windows 11 completely removes Internet Explorer thus, if you’re running Windows 11, automating IE is not an option.    I looked into this and had some very interesting discoveries:

  1. The IWB2 Learner tool works within Edge when in “IE Mode”
  2. In Windows 11, you can add IE back and still use it in IE mode.  (I’ll document how I did this in a later video)

When I realized the above, I played with Edge (in IE Mode) in Windows 10 & Windows 11 and was able to connect to the DOM!  Granted my approach sucked but I asked Tank (Charlie Simmons) to take a look at it and he borrowed on the concept and re-wrote what i did into something that is decentily reliable.  You can get the download here

Here’s a video showing how I use AutoHotkey to Automate IE from within Edge!

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