AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners – Everything you need to know to get started in 2020

AutoHotkey Tutorial for BeginnersAutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners

In this AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners I walk you through what you need to get started and help you write your first AutoHotkey script.  Below are some convenient links to the tools you’ll want starting out with AutoHotkey.

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: What you’ll learn

Step #1:  Which version of AutoHotkey to use  @ 3:15

Step #2:  Which editor to use with AutoHotkey @4:36

Step #3:  Trigger Commands, Programs / Scripts / Websites by hitting key-combinations (Hotkeys) @11:07

Step #4:  Type a few letters and have them replaced with the long strings of text (Hotstrings) @26:29

Step #5:  Use a spell checker that will run on every Windows program @34:49

Step #6: Remap keys /key combinations @43:29

Step #7:  Send a Mouse Click to specified coordinates @47:12

Step #8:  Compile a script so you can give it to someone else to run on their computer @53:09

Step #9:  Information & Resources where to go when you need help @54:52

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Video

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Programs to Install

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Commands / Concepts covered


AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Resources


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