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AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners – Start automating your PC in 1 hour with this amazing tool

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners

In this AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners I walk you through what you need to get started and help you write your first AutoHotkey script.  Below are some convenient links to the tools you’ll want starting out with AutoHotkey.

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: What you’ll learn

Table of Contents

1. Outline of video
2. Video
3. Programs to Install
4. Commands / Concepts covered
5. Resources
6. Reviews

Outline of video

Step #1:  Which version of AutoHotkey to use  @ 3:15
Step #2:  Which editor to use with AutoHotkey @4:36
Step #3:  Trigger Commands, Programs / Scripts / Websites by hitting key-combinations (Hotkeys) @11:07
Step #4:  Type a few letters and have them replaced with the long strings of text (Hotstrings) @26:29
Step #5:  Use a spell checker that will run on every Windows program @34:49
Step #6: Remap keys /key combinations @43:29
Step #7:  Send a Mouse Click to specified coordinates @47:12
Step #8:  Compile a script so you can give it to someone else to run on their computer @53:09
Step #9:  Information & Resources where to go when you need help @54:52

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Video

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Programs to Install

AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Commands / Concepts covered


AutoHotkey Tutorial for Beginners: Resources

Reviews – What viewers say

  • Ryan W. – Wow, what a fantastic video. Joe, your patience and clear step-by-side guide to simple but powerful automation techniques will save everyone time! These video is packed full of helpful advice to get you started on your automation journey. Smart people will invest the time to watch this video and save themselves hours!
  • Samarth W. – Hey Joe, this is the BEST THING I’ve come across and I just recently got into auto hot key and scripting and I appreciate what you are doing so much. Thanks a lot
  • Lonnie C. –  This is beyond AMAZING!!!! It has literally saved my life 🙂 THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!
  • Angel R. –   Wow! The stepping up in the quality is very much appreciated Joe! Excellent job! Also, it is refreshing to have an updated video on using AutoHotKey for beginners now and then like this one! Cheers!
  • Dillon D. Wow, very impressive Joe. I appreciate the detail and timestamps you provided. This is a great introduction and a brief overview for AHK. Thank you Joe, Cheers!
  • Rionel L. – This is great content! Worth watching and full of learning. Looking forward for more videos.
  • Nathan N. – Thanks Joe, this is a great intro to an awesome tool!
  • Cap’n Odin – Great work, this will surely come in handy for a bunch of people new to the language. I think I may have been neglecting hotstrings, as I never really got round to using them much
  • Nathaniel L. – Awesome stuff Joe! Thank you so much. You motivated, educated, and inspired me.
  • Don Q.  Wow! The tutorials in this video are so helpful and easy to follow. I love the new camera!
  • Jonas M. If I could have seen this video when I first started out my AutoHotKey Journey, my beginnings would have been much better 🙂
  • Joe D. – As always, great educational and promotional work, Joe!
  • Jeff B. – Yes! Finally a comprehensive AHK video to answer so many questions I’ve had. Thanks!
  • Jean L. – Great intro to AHK ! Thanks for being such a promoter of this essential tool!
  • Dale W. – This is one of the most valuable AutoHotkey videos out there because it shows you how to easily get started. And once you get started and see how AutoHotkey can automate and save lots and lots of time, you will love it and not want to use a computer with out. What I’ve found my self doing is noticing what I do over and over and think how I can get the computer to do those steps. I regret not using AutoHotkey a long time ago. Nice job Joe!
  • AJ W. – I LOVE THIS! This is exactly the resource I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing your resources with us.
  • Silly S. – I wish I had this when I started. Instead, I worked harder and not smarter. Thanks for the hotstring tip on omitting special characters

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