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AutoHotkey Webinar- Finding and Clicking Text / Pixels / Images

AutoHotkey Webinar Resources:

Video Hour 1: High-level overview

Video Hour 2: Q&A and deep-dive into question about Encoding & Decoding images in Base64 (to prevent having to share image files)




  • 030-mp3VideoGender and Programming
  • 031-mp3VideoShould you let your colleagues/boss know you’re using AutoHotkey?
  • 032-mp3VideoSecurity and plain text files

Udemy Course: Intro to AutoHotkey: https://www.udemy.com/course/intro-to-autohotkey/?couponCode=AHK-WEBINAR 

Udemy Course: Text Expansion on a PC with AutoHotkey (HotStrings) :  https://www.udemy.com/course/hotstrings-autocorrect-text-expansion-with-autohotkey/?couponCode=AHK-WEBINAR

Script Highlight:

Updated version of iWB2 Learner tool which breaks-out Classname

  • Added ClassName as a separate Edit field
  • Added Coloring of text on Frames (because they’re evil)
  • Fixed some GUI ugliness





General Approach to Automation

From our Webinar 3/21/17 on connecting to programs
  1. COM / Component Object Model
  2. UI Automation Interface
  3. Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) / Acc viewer
  4. Controls, Send/Post Message, MenuItems, DLL calls
  5. Clipboard Manipulation
  6. Sending Keystrokes & MouseClicks


Pros: Built into AutoHotkey


  • Needs to have local image file
  • Can be quirky
  • No fuzzy matching
  • No Built-in ways to Click / Send Text


FindText by feiyue


  • No local file needed
  • Finds multiple instances of pixels
  • Easy to create a simple search
  • Reliable & Fast
  • Maybe Fuzzy matching?


  • Multiple GUIs
  • Complex
  • Not clear on features / training
  • No built-in ways to Click / Send Text
  • Not obvious how to find on multi-screens
  • Requires programming knowledge

AutomateMyTask by Maestrith & Joe Glines


  • No local Image needed
  • Fast to create a new script
  • Runs fast & is Reliable
  • Work off Index of found item
  • Built-in Click / Send text
  • Can Nest multiple Steps
  • Noob Friendly
  • Works on All screens
  • Wait for Window


  • No fuzzy matching
  • A little complex to start


Encoding and Decoding an Image into Base64 by SKAN

In the second part of the webinar, Dimitri asked about being able to encode an image from a file into a string, then being able to view the image from the encoding.  After about a bunch of work we finally found a working solution from SKAN.


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