AutoHotkey Webinar- Working session demonstrating ways to automate programs

AutoHotkey webinar– Working Session

This webinar was mostly working sessions and not a lot of resources.  It is a follow-up to our last webinar which discussed many different ways to automate windows programs using AutoHotkey.  Please the resources on this page, and watch the videos, if you want to review in depth.  We had links to the various tools that were used in the below webinar.

Script highlight: Use Google to Search for help

#SingleInstance, Force
CapsLock & s:: ;Search sites with google
Store:=ClipboardAll  ;Store full version of Clipboard
clipboard = ; Empty the clipboard
SendInput, ^c ;changd from Send
	ClipWait, 1  ;wait 1 second for clipboard to have data

InputBox, Search, Search sites with Google:,,,600, 100,,,,,%clipboard%
	if (Search= "") or (ErrorLevel = 1)
;***********Use google to search these sites*******************
Run, chrome.exe ""
Run, chrome.exe ""
Run, chrome.exe ""
Run, chrome.exe ""
Run, chrome.exe ""
Clipboard:=Store ;Restore clipboard

Thanks for attending the AutoHotkey webinar!  If you’re not currently registered for future ones, you can do so here

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