AutoHotkey Webinar- Working session

Hour 1AutoHotkey webinar

This month we took a break from our “lectures” and just had a working session.  Below are some of the code we reviewed

Thanks again to Jean Lalonde for walking us through his excellent efficiency tool Quick Access Popup

100 Words script

File_Path:="B:\Custom\Win\Desktop\100 Words to Make you sound smarter.txt" 
FileRead,Var,% File_Path
;~ Resizable_GUI(var,300,900)

Loop,read, % File_Path
	aa++ ;increment rows- Need to know what the last row is so we can pick a Random number between 1 and it
Random, Random_Row, 1, %aa% ;select random row
;~ Random, Random_Row, 1, 100 ;select random row between 1 and 100

FileReadLine, Word, % File_Path, Random_Row ;read the random row
;~ MsgBox % Word
Clipboard:=Word ;Shove it into clipboard


Check out the Outlook Webinar we did back in October of 2017

Moving emails from one folder to another

mail :=    ComObjActive("Outlook.Application").GetNameSpace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder[6] ; Access the Session NameSpace
;~ mail :=    ComObjActive("Outlook.Application").GetNameSpace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder[0] ; Access the Session NameSpace
myDestFolder := mail.Folders("CCY")
numb := myDestFolder.Items.Count
MsgBox % numb

Loop %  mail.Items.Count
   ;  if   Instr(mail.Items[A_Index].SenderName,"JoeTazz") {
     if   Instr(mail.Items[A_Index].Subject,"commented on") {
      Item := mail.Items(A_Index)
My .= A_Index ","

StringTrimRight, My, My, 1 ; remove final `n
Sort, My , N, R, D, ; Numeric sort
; MsgBox % My

Loop, parse, My, `,


Saving Attachments from Selected Outlook Emails

Selection := ComObjActive("Outlook.Application").ActiveExplorer().Selection ;Connect to Outlook and store list of selected emails
For a,b in Selection { ;Loop over selected emails
 oAtt:=selection.item(A_Index).Attachments ;For each email, create object storing the attachments

for k, v in oAtt  ;use For loop over attachments
     k.SaveAsFile("C:\temp\" . k.DisplayName)  ;This will write the files to the C:\temp\ folder.  Update for your needs.


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