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AutoHotkey Functions are the BEST way to level-up your programming [#1 Way to level up!]

AutoHotkey FunctionAutoHotkey Functions are a great way to “level up” your programming skill.   If you’re doing any programming at all, they are a great ways to streamline your code & make it easier to maintain & read!   The below videos walk-through how to use many of the most commonly-used features.

There are a few main things to consider/remember when using them:

  1. Unless otherwise stated, variables are local not global (this can be a plus or minus depending on your need)
  2. You can pass parameters whereas you cannot in a go-sub (this makes them enormously more useful)
  3. Using ByRef or returning an object can allow for returning more than 1 value
  4. Memory is freed after a function is called, in subroutines this does not happen automatically

AutoHotkey Functions

Chapters 4 & 12 are relevant on Functions

Donate to the-AutomatorWe go cover functions in depth our Intro to AutoHotkey course
Intro to AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey Functions

  1. AHK Webinar with main focus on DLL calls but also walk through using & creating your own functions
  2. Introduction tutorial to Functions in AHK
  3. Using ByRef to pass-back more than one value from your call
  4. Using optional parameters (set defaults)
  5. Use external AutoHotkey functions by utilizing Include command and Library 📚
  6. General tips & tricks -Demo of AutoHotkey studio’s advanced features
  7. Pass a variable number of parameters with a variadic function
  8. Passing Method or Property to COM in an AutoHotkey Function
  9. Lessons with Maestrith on Global, Super-Global, and Scope in AHK Functions


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