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Remind your boss you’re a Rock star with AutoHotkey Products

Are you as in-love with AutoHotkey as I am?

I created a few AutoHotkey products to both, help raise awareness of AutoHotkey and to help others remember how cool you are (since you’re automating the mundane!).   This AutoHotkey merchandise is the only AutoHotkey products on the planet!

AutoHotkey Products (U.S. Only)

Black AutoHotkey Water Bottle Black water bottle $14.99

  • Resilient Aluminum
  • Reminds your boss you rock!
  • Corona-virus free!
Clear AutoHotkey Water Bottle Clear water bottle  $14.99

  • Clearly AHK rocks!
  • Stay hydrated while coding
  • Get your AHK Groove on!
White Squishy AutoHotkeyStress Ball Squishy Stress ball $5.99

  • Helpful when dealing with idiots!
  • Takes a beating so you don’t have to
  • Great for helping work-out issues
  • Can be used for all versions of AHK
White Domed AutoHotkey Stickers Four White Domed Stickers  $4.99

  • Remind people how you helped them
  • Powered by AutoHotkey!
  • Great reminder that AHK Rocks!


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