Automate old Windows Programs with Controls in AutoHotkey

Controls in AutoHotkeyControls in AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey has some amazing ways to connect to programs!  Using Controls in AutoHotkey is a great way to connect to programs with the “older style” / basic controls (So not the Ribbon).   In the below videos I walk through many of the ways you can automate connecting to existing programs.  One HUGE benefit of these are that they don’t interrupt / take the focus away from the user!  In most cases the programs you’re automating do NOT need to be visible or active!

Here is a link to SimpleSpy, the tool Maestrith and I developed based off of this WinSpy Script from Alguimist.  (Note: WinSpy is a great tool!  It just has a lot of functionality that is probably not used by most people).

Jacks Motley assortment of AutoHotkey tips

Windows Automation Section covers controls

Below is a video where I walk through the functionality of using SimpleSpy.   Keep in mind, the “controls” you are connecting to are actually the instance of a Class otherwise referred to as ClassNN.  While ClassNN is the correct term (NN referring to the number for that parent Class), I found it confusing for the tool not to specify “control” given that is the “key word” used in the AutoHotkey commands.  Here is a link to the AutoHotkey source code.

SimpleSpy Demonstration

  1. Intro to Controls in AutoHotkey
  2. SimpleSpy Demo showing how to use the tool and it’s functionality
  3. Tutorial Video on: ControlGetText, ControlSetText, ControlSend and ControlSendRaw
  4. Tutorial Video on: ControlGetFocus, ControlGetPos and ControlFocus
  5. Tutorial Video on: ControlGet: Selected, Checked, Line, CurrentLine LineCount
  6. Tutorial Video on: ControlGet: List, Selected, Focused, Column, Count, Count Selected, Count Focused, Count Columns, Choice
  7. Tutorial Video on: ControlClick (Sending a mouse click to a Control / Button)
  8. Tutorial Video on: ControlMove (Moving a control)
  9. Tutorial Video on: Control Check, Control UnCheck on Radio Boxes & Check Boxes
  10. Tutorial Video on:Controls: Enable, Disable, Hide, and Show
  11. Tutorial Video on: Adding, Deleting, Hiding and Showing Lists (ListViews, ComboBoxes, etc.)

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