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Quick Access Popup – QAP Saves you time & money

Quick Access Popup – Save time & money with this Amazing tool in 9 languages

Quick Access Popup

Quick Access Popup

Quick Access Popup

As many of you know we’ve been huge fans of Quick Access Popup for quite a while! QAP is one of the easiest tools to use and can save you an AMAZING amount of time!  Not surprisingly it’s written in AutoHotkey but you don’t have to be an AutoHotkey user to use it!

If you’re new to Quick Access Popup watch this video where I mention some of the great functionality.   Or take a look at this (older) video where Jean and I dive deep into some of the newer functionality.  Here’s an older Webinar we did on the tool.

Quick Access Popup

I’ve worked out a deal with the author, Jean Lalonde, to have a discount for his amazing tool!   When you go here to purchase / sign up for a trial use the following discount:  a843e7c3ca.   BTW the discount is applied on your first payment (only) after the 30-day trial?

I’ve made the below video to make sure you know how/where to use the code as you might miss it.

Applying your discount code to Quick Access Popup


FYI This code expires: Dec 31, 2020  If you happen to get to this page and the above code is expired, please let me know.  There’s no guarantee he’ll renew the code but I’m happy to reach back out to Jean and see if we can get an updated code for a discount to Quick Access Popup.  Thanks again Jean!  QAP is an amazing tool!



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