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Amazing and Powerful Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey – Level up your coding in 2020!

Regular Expressions in AutoHotkeyRegular Expressions in AutoHotkey are a great skill-set to have in your toolbox!  In the below videos I start off reviewing what RegEx is and then break-out into various ways to perform pattern-matching .  You also might want to check this thread on the AHK Forum

Also, be sure to check out Jack Dunning’s excellent book on Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey!  I worked my way through it a few years back.  It’s a great way to learn RegEx!

  1. RegEx 101- High-level overview
  2. RegEx 102- ClassesRegular Expressions in AutoHotkey, ranges and grabbing the opposite using ^
  3. RegEx 103- Quantifiers (How many characters you wish to match)
  4. RegEx 104- Anchors: speed-up your scripts by matching the beginning or end of a line
  5. RegEx 105- Escapes: Simplify your Regular Expression in AutoHotkey by using shortcut symbols
  6. RegEx 106- Use Named subpatterns to simplify storing of variables
  7. RegEx 107- POSIX can allow laymen to have a chance understanding your RegEx
  8. RegEx 108- Store your match in an Object with the O) option in RegExMatch
  9. RegEx 109- 3 ways to Escape double-quotes in your RegEx
  10. RegEx 111- Use X) option Ignore whitespace within your RegEx & insert comments
  11. AHK Webinar focused on RegEx
  12. Great tips: RegEx on New Lines
  13. Lecture during AHK Con on RegEx / Stir split etc.
  14. Using a Look Ahead so the Pattern order does not matter

Examples of Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey

  1. Extract email addresses from text with RegEx
  2. Finding a URL and not an email address
  3. RegEx 110- Playing with a Naming Convention
  4. Clean-up HTML text with Regular Expressions in AutoHotkey
  5. Use RegEx in SciTE
  6. Microsoft Word has some decent functionality very similar to RegEx
  7. Parsing an Address with a Regular Expression
  8. Using StrSplit to parse on double quote (not a RegEX but very handy parsing text)
  9. Grabbing phone numbers with a RegEx in AutoHotkey
  10. Getting the unique YouTube ID from a long URL
  11. Adding attribute to an A tag (if it is missing) using a look-ahead

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