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AutomateMyTask is an amazing tool to help write your AutoHotkey syntax (2021)

Automate my TaskAutomateMyTask

I commissioned Maestrith (Author of AHK Studio) to develop AutomateMyTask  which simplifies writing AutoHotkey syntax around finding and clicking images / text on a Windows computer.  In some ways it is similar to the FindText() function although it takes the Automation part further!

Currently the script is still under development but I think it is ready to get user input.  I’ve created the below tutorials to help learn how to use it however, I’m sure the functionality is going to change due to some user design tweaks and functionality changes.  Just a reminder, if you Automate my Task useful, I’m happy to accept some $

Since I’m paying to have this script developed, I would appreciate it if you’d share the link to this page instead of sharing the program itself.   This will also ensure people can get the latest version of the script.

AutoHotkey Hotkey Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Best Practices

AutoHotkey Hotkey Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Best Practices

Updates to AutomateMyTask

  1. Re-Arranged a lot of things
  2. Removed duplicate steps
  3. Removed “section” for setting offset
  4. Added “Show Offset” button (thanks Jackie for helping with this!)
  5. Updated “Action” so it will grab the current Edit window (Thanks again Jackie!)
  6. Added restore position when action is an Actual Mouse click
  7. Added option to have a new line in the export
  8. Now using Maestrith’s Notify class to show content of export

Here’s a video highlighting the updates to AutomateMyTask


AutomateMyTask Tutorials

Here are the tutorials for AutomateMyTask for writing AutoHotkey syntax (I’ll update the below videos after I’m satisfied with the changes / updates being made)

  1. Selecting an Area
  2. Actions taken
  3. Double-Clicking and item
  4. Choose Matching Index
  5. Recapture and Color Threshold
  6. Steps, Creating Multiple Steps, Duplicating, Deleting, and Clearing
  7. Setting text and Offset for text
  8. Window Title Matching and Window Class
  9. Wait for Window
  10. Exporting the script and Function
  11. Change Capture Size
  12. When things go wrong and User Feedback

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