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Automating SMS Texts with Text Magic – Easily Send personalized messages in 2021

SMS texts with Text MagicAutomating SMS Texts with Text Magic

I spent several years sending out over 1 million emails each month.  As with anything, results varied heavily (the two main factors being  1) your relationship with the recipient, 2) how relevant the message was, and 3) how important it was to the recipient.

A few years ago I started automating my sms texts with Text Magic and was blown-away at the response rates I was getting (often over 80%).   As long as people thought I was texting them (and they knew who I was), performance was amazing!

If you’re fortunate enough to use an Android phone, you can send texts with tools like PushbulletMightyText, or , use Windows 10,   While this is very helpful, it can be annoying if you have more than a handful of people.   It’s really important to be relevant and make it appear that you are reaching  out to them individually.   For this reason, and a few others, I recommend Automating SMS Texting with TextMagic.

Text Magic has some other advantages.  It has a well-designed desktop program that runs on your Windows PC.  It has both Android and iPhone apps that are very similar to the desktop version which allow you to see your texts, perform mail-merge messages, and you can have the phone calls forwarded to your own phone.   There’s also a powerful API so, if you’re a developer like me, you can create your own tool to integrate with TextMagic.

The three of the biggest negatives of using Text Magic are:

  1. If you already have an existing relationship with your recipients, they’ll have to get used to seeing texts from a new phone number
  2. Messages (incoming & outgoing) are .04 cents per 160 characters
  3. There’s no Mac computer version (you could use the app, but it will be a bit trickier)

Automating SMS Texting with Text Magic



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