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The best AutoHotkey Editors / IDEs in 2021 : Which one is right for your needs?

Best AutoHotkey Editors / IDEThere are some amazing AutoHotkey editors out there! Which is the best AutoHotkey editor for you? The answer is: It depends…  If you want a script to easily switch between them, give AHKEditSwap a try!

The Best AutoHotkey Editors / IDEs

  • SciTE4AutoHotkey (from Fincs) is a great editor for people new to working with AutoHotkey. I also have ~80 other language files to work with it. Check out the 18 tutorials i made how how to customize SciTE
  • AHK Studio by Maestrith is written for and in AutoHotkey.  It’s a very powerful editor and has amazing ways to be more efficient.  If you’ve gotten more sophisticated in your coding, it’s a great editor for AutoHotkey.  I have over 40 tutorials on AHK Studio as well as some very advanced walk-throughs with Maestrith
  • VS Code is an amazing editor and has great Debug and GIT integration.  If you’re working with other people, I highly recommend you give it a try!
  • Notepad++ is a very popular AutoHotkey editor.  Having said that, I think you’re much better off using SciTE or AHK Studio

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Best AutoHotkey Editors / IDE

Best AutoHotkey Editor  / IDE – Walk through

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