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AHK Studio is the best AutoHotkey Editor in 2021 | Mind blowing AutoHotkey IDE hacks!

AHK StudioAHK Studio is an Amazing editor for AutoHotkey!  There’s no other tools with the features and functionality.  Start programming with AutoHotkey studio and you’ll be more productive in no time!

I switched from SciTE to AHK studio for all of my AutoHotkey coding.  AHK Studio is a great IDE for developing AutoHotkey code!  It’s written  in AutoHotkey by Maestrith.

If you like the tool, I suggest you donate to him here or the below image.  Every little bit is greatly appreciated.)  If you’re looking for the best AutoHotkey IDE, AHK studio is the best out there!

If there is a topic you’d like covered, but is not below, let me know and I’ll create one.  If there are questions about functionality of AHK Studio, you can often find him on Discord (use this link to create a Discord account).  He’s open to suggestions on improvements and likes hearing about issues.

AHK Studio for editing v2 scripts

If you’re working in AutoHotkey v2, we’ve created our own fork of AHK Studio that allows you to edit and launch AutoHotkey V2 Scripts.  You can learn more about it here.

AutoHotkey Studio Cheat Sheet

Be sure to get your cheat sheet for the 87 Built-in Hotkeys to AHK Studio

Also get the Studio Debug window here

AHK Studio Tutorials

  1. Using the OmniSearch to change settings / find items.  This is key to knowing how to use Studio efficiently
  2. Getting AutoHotkey Syntax Help and AHK Studio Menu Help
  3. Adding a Toolbar to AHK Studio.  For people new to AHK Studio, I highly recommend this step
  4. Editing Hotkeys to be more proficient with your AutoHotkey IDE
  5. Highlighting cursor location in Functions and commands /Auto-suggesting AutoHotkey key words in Studio
  6. Editing your Context menus / Right click menu.  This can really impact your work!
  7. Easily Moving text around a page.  Moving text is super-easy in AHK Studio
  8. New File Template for files in your AutoHotkey IDE
  9. Add words to your Personal Variable Lists so they show up in Intellisense / Auto-suggested words
  10. Hotstrings on Crack / Edit Replacements.  Check this out now!  It’s a huge time saver!
  11. Use the Quick Find to easily Search / Replace text (pretty amazing!)
  12. Second way to Find / replace multiple instances & do multi-line typing
  13. Multi-line typing is a breeze in AutoHotkey Studio
  14. Splitting Controls/Windows (adding new windows, Toolbars, Project Explorer, etc.)
  15. Selecting and Customizing your Theme: Adjust Fonts, Colors, Sizes, etc.
  16. Auto-create Includes & Publish (bringing all Includes back into script)
  17. Easily pack up #Includes and share code to Pastebin / AHKScript org
  18. Create in-place #Includes to organize your AutoHotkey code
  19. Toggling Auto-Indention and Centering on the Caret (where to keep focus)
  20. Auto Closing Parens, Braces, Quotes, etc.
  21. Inserting & Toggling Comments / Annotation
  22. Nesting comments with Build Comments
  23. Dump text to the Output / Debug Window.  I use this all the time!  Great way to avoid creating a GUI  Get the function here.
  24. Displaying white space and end of line (EOL) characters
  25. Level-up your programming by using the cool Debug features in AutoHotkey Studio
  26. Get Intellisense to offer-up words/functions, etc. from files outside the one you’re working in.
  27. Quickly jump to Functions, GoSubs, Classes & Instances
  28. Adding additional file types like HTML, XML, JSON,Python, CSV and have Intellisense
  29. Run Selected Text and Display Current Hotkeys– Great for when you’re developing code inside a large script
  30. Creating and Managing Backups & Version control (Plus pushing to your GitHub account)
  31. Restore Current File / Review Versions of your script
  32. Finding text in multiple files / folders and easily seeing the line they are on
  33. What to do when AHK Studio won’t load / Looks “funky”
  34. Adjusting the Inserted code when Toggling lines as comments
  35. Clear Debug / Output window in AHK Studio
  36. Adding, Deleting, Manipulating matching braces, Parens, Quotes, etc.
  37. Utilizing Restore functionality (this is Amazing!) and one reason Studio should be your default AutoHotkey IDE
  38. Copying code and Pasting in RTF (keeping color coding) in other programs
  39. RegEx replacing text within Studio
  40. Adding a Breakpoint in AutoHotkey Studio
  41. Cleaning up your code (removing spaces around commas, blank lines, comments)
  42. Disable Match Brace Highlight on Delete
  43. Setting your default script / default project folder
  44. How to exclude your library files in your Project Explorer

AHK Studio Walk-Thrus:  Why this is the best AutoHotkey IDE

  1. AutoHotkey webinar on AHK Studio: the best AutoHotkey IDE in existence!   Maestrith spends a ton of time making sure it is the best editor out there!
  2. Super-deep dive (the video is nearly 2 hours long) into AHK Studio  Functionality with Maestrith
  3. Discussing features in AHK Studio & SciTE
  4. Using Includes to streamline code.  This is a HUGE time saver!
  5. I interviewed with Maestrith for one of my expert interviews
  6. Playing with functions / Tips & tricks that will make you more productive

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