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Currently the most popular AutoHotkey Editor Notepad++ (AutoHotkey editor Notepad plus plus)

AutoHotkey editor Notepad++Currently, AutoHotkey editor Notepad++ is the most common AutoHotkey editor.  In our 2021 AutoHotkey User Survey 29.5% (almost 1 in 3) used it for AutoHotkey!

If you’re using Notepad++ you should grab our Notepad++ Hotkey file!

When you download Notepad++ we highly recommend you get the 32 bit version!

Get our AHK Configuration files

To easily access AutoHotkey Help, get our AHK Help Launcher script (soon to be expanded upon!)

Our AutoHotkey webinar on 4/20/2021, Isaias Baez walked us through how to Install and configure Notepad++

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