AutoHotKey script for automatically calculating X days out

Calculating X days out

Calculating X days outSquishy Ball 2

A friend of mine works in manufacturing and is constantly having to determine the future date (e.g. 22 , 36, or 69 days out) and can be tedious if looking at a calendar (especially if it goes across months.)

I wrote a simple AutoHotKey script which returns the date for a given projected calculating X days out.  After saving the below as an AutoHotKey script, run it and an input box will come up asking how far you would like to project.  After you enter a number it will send the date that day falls on to the active editor window.  Now projecting x days out is a breeze!

Here is the AHK code:

InputBox, UserInput, Daysout, How many days out?, , 170, 125
if ErrorLevel
  Date :=""
  Date +=UserInput, Days
  FormatTime, nDate, %Date%, MM/dd/yyyy
  SendInput, %nDate% ;sends date to where focus is 

AutoHotkey Bottle 3And this is a quick video demonstrating Calculating X days out:

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