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Easily pull up AutoHotkey Documentation and Videos with AHKHelp in ANY editor!

The AutoHotkey documentation is top-notch however many editors don’t allow you to easily pull it up!  AHKHelp allows you to easily access AutoHotkey documentation and video tutorials!  In this one tool we leverage the online AutoHotkey documentation as well as search YouTube for the AutoHotkey topic you’ve selected!  This will greatly improve your AutoHotkey experience!

Watch how easy it is to pull up AutoHotkey documentation and videos from ANY editor!

How to easily change your default AutoHotkey editor with AHKEditSwap!

default AutoHotkey editor AHK EditSwapWe all have our favorite default AutoHotkey editor / AutoHotkey IDE to edit in however sometimes you want to switch editors.  Not all editors make this easy!  AHK Studio has a built in way to set it as the default editor (in the omni search type default editor), however you can’t easily switch it back to what was default before it.   SciTE4AutoHotkey will ask at first-run if you want it o be the default editor however after that you’re on your own.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using Visual Studio, Notepadd++, or Notepad as your default AutoHotkey editor.  This just keeps track of your registry settings and allows you to, easily, swap them without actually monkeying with your registry!

AHKEditSwap is an AutoHotkey script that will keep track of your editors and make it easy revert back to previous editors.  If you’re wanting to try out a different AutoHotkey IDE, use Edit Swap to easily customize your default AutoHotkey editor.  Or, if you’re working on someone else’s computer, use AHKEditSwap to easily change back and forth so you can use your favorite AHK IDE and so can the default user!

You can download AHKEditSwap here

How to change your default AutoHotkey editor with AHKEditSwap!

87 Amazing Built-in Hotkeys for AHK Studio | Be more productive with AutoHotkey studio TODAY!

Hotkeys for AHK StudioAHK Studio is an amazing editor for AutoHotkey!  I’ve made over 40 tutorials documenting how to level-up your programming by using it.  Unfortunately, for many, it has a bit of a learning curve.  I created a couple of printable files which will help you memorize the 87 built-in hotkeys for AHK Studio

Here is a video where you discussing some of the amazing built-in hotkeys (you can adjust them to your desire)
If you provide your email address, you can download the files mentioned in the video here

Walk through of 87 Built-in Hotkeys for AHK Studio

Quickly share code / Text with AHK Pastbin

I’m working my way through my main AutoHotkey.ahk file and thought I’d share this gem which helps sharing code / text with people.

I borrowed the “guts” of it from an AHK Studio plugin.  I’m also using Maestrith’s Notify Class / Function.

Quickly share code / Text with AHK Pastbin

Here’s the code (but make sure you get the above mentioned Notify Class/Function.

Quickly share code / Text with AHK Pastbin

Browser_Back:: ;Select, copy, paste selected text to AutoHotkey Pastebin
clipboard:="" ;Blank out clipboard
Send, ^c ;Send Copy
ClipWait, 1 ;wait for clipboard to be populated
Clipboard:=AHKPastebin(Clipboard,"Joe Glines",1,0) ;1 will run it in your default browser, 0 doesn't

HTTP.Open("POST","https://p.ahkscript.org/", False)
HTTP.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
HTTP.Send("code=" UriEncode(Content) "&name=" UriEncode(Name) "&channel=#ahkscript")
if HTTP.Status()!=200{ ;If not okay
MsgBox Something went wrong
If (Notify)
Notify().AddWindow(Content,{Time:3000,Icon:300,Background:"0x1100AA",Icon:14,Title:"Added to pastebin at: " HTTP.Option(1),TitleSize:18,size:14,TitleColor:"0xFF0000"})
If (Run)
Run % HTTP.Option(1) ;URL
return HTTP.Option(1) ;Return URL

;~ ;********************URI Encode string***********************************
UriEncode(Uri, RE="[0-9A-Za-z]"){
While Code:=NumGet(Var,A_Index-1,"UChar")