Command Prompt Here | Instantly access DOS from any Windows Explorer

Command Prompt here

Do you work in the Command prompt often? We do! So much that we wrote a couple of great tools to make it super-easy to access the command prompt
The first tool modifies your Windows Shell context menu. After running cmdhere, simply right-click in an Explorer window and you’ll see a new option “Cmd here”.
Additionally there’s a second script which, when launched will get the path to your active Explorer window and open a command prompt

You might want to use it when you work through our Intro to DOS course

Detect multiple presses of keys / mouse buttons with AutoHotkey

A subscriber reached out asking for help on how to detect multiple presses of a device (Probably something connected via Bluetooth).  While I showed them where I walk through how to detect the long-press of a key, I did think it was an interesting question so Isaias and I worked on a more robust solution that is easily adaptable for multiple key / mouse presses.   We also touched on using a Ternary command over just logic.

Detecting multiple presses

Get the code to detect multiple presses

AutoHotkey Webinar VS code: GIT and Debug like you’ve never seen it! #1 for GIT Integration!

Script Highlight: Window Snipping by the-Automator


  • Allow custom hotkeys
  • Easily change Outlook Signatures
  • Save files to your desktop
  • Auto Check for Updates
  • Instructions


We had a great AutoHotkey webinar VS Code by our top employee Isaias Baez!AutoHotkey webinar VS Code

Hour 1: Overview of VS Code: Installation, Configuring, Debugging, GIT

Hour 2: Questions & answers More debugging, features

VS Code Webinar

AutoHotkey Plus extension

Make sure you leverage Bookmarks

Visualize code authorship at a glance with Gitlens

Easily open hex files with the Hex Editor

Get GIT to seamlessly store revisions of your code

And check this tutorial out on how to configure GIT