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How to create Dark Themed GUIs with AutoHotkey

We’ve had several calls discussing Dark Themed GUIs so I thought I’d create a page discussing them.

During the October 8th Live AutoHotkey Support, Dimitri Geertz showed us some of the cool work he’s done code he got that updates GUIs with a style.

I demonstrated in this video with the following download

In the second hour of the AutoHotkey webinar Dimitri showed some more work he’d done

Lastly I had the below call with Jean Lalonde, Dimitri Geerts, and Chad Wilson / Maestrith.  One example Dimitri cited was from this post.

The second half of this call Maestrith was demonstrating how easy it is to make highly customizable GUIs with this HTMLGui Class




How to use HellBent Button theme creator class to create multiple buttons

HellBent asked if I’d join him for  a video where we walk through his “button maker”.   This tool is really awesome!  While it does have the ability to save a created image as a PNG, that’s not it’s goal.  In my opinion the tool is better described as a “Button theme creator”.  You can use his GUI editor tool to create a “template” for images.   Then re-use your look (or borrow someone else’s) and “draw” your buttons.    You see, when you use this class, instead of saving images of buttons, you’re actually drawing the buttons on the screen.  You can get the files I created from the tutorial here.  The AutoHotkey Forum link to all the files is here

Drawing your buttons instead of using files, has several advantages

  1. It’s badass cool!
  2. You don’t have to worry about how your screen displays the images (stretching them for resolutions ,etc.)
  3. You don’t have to save the image files (which helps a lot when sharing your scripts)
  4. It’s much easier to deal with DPI issues (we cover this at the end of the video)

Walkthrough of HellBent Button theme creator class


AutoHotkey Webinar- 6/2021 Helping Users- API calls, ACC library & more!

AutoHotkey webinarThis AutoHotkey webinar was pretty amazing!
Video Hour 1: Helping others: Snagit, ACC library, Controls
Video Hour 2: GUIs, PID verse hwn ID, & more

Script Highlight:  Fiddler Everywhere Ripper / API Syntax writer

We also discussed Webservice APIs.  Our AHK Webinar on APIs is a great place to start

You also might want to download our API Syntax writer

We discussed the ACC library in this ahk webinar and demonstrated its usage in this AHK Webinar

When we were working through how to best solve Snaggit issue, I mentioned the 17 ways to automate windows  as well as AutomateMyTask

Notify Function that creates simple GUIs in AutoHotkey

The other day I uploaded a function with utilized the Notify() function from gwarble.

I thought I’d covered it in another post but that was in a webinar so I thought I’d make an intro here to show how it can be used and give you a link to download Notify().  If you’d like to use the tool I used in the video to show which icon/images are in the shell32.dll file, you can see the video and get the script here.

Example using Notify Function in AutoHotkey

Here is the example script I worked through using the Notify Function