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Configuring SciTE Property files- IntelliSense for 79 languages

Configuring SciTE language Property filesConfiguring SciTE language Property files

One of the main reasons I love SciTE is because of the ability to use the ~70 language property files which show Intellisense.  I’ve put around 70 of them in this zip file and I’ve listed out the names of them at the bottom of this post.

Configure SciTE language Property files is easy.  In your User.Properties file just add something like this

import Properties\html
import Properties\sql
import Properties\python

The Properties folder needs to be either in the same directory as where SciTE is installed, or needs to be located in the folder where you have configured your SciTE Home variable to point to.

After importing the properties you want, I also recommend importing them to your language menu as well.  This way you can select what language you want to apply to the open file (this can come in pretty handy at times).  To do this you’ll still need to be in your User.Properties file.  Add something like below.  (The & is what will make that letter become an accelerator key)


And here are some notes to help understand what can be done when Configuring SciTE language Property files:

# Define the Lexer menu, Each item contains three parts: menu string | file extension | keyboard equivelant
# The only keys allowed currently are based on F-keys and alphabetic keys and look like # [Ctrl+][Shift+][Fn|a] such as F12 or Ctrl+Shift+D.
# A ‘&’ may be placed before a letter to be used as an accelerator. Each element is terminated by ‘|’. For example: H&ypertext|html|F12|

Here are the language property files provided in my zip file.

abaqus escript nimrod smalltalk
asn1 flagship nncrontab sorcins
au3 forth nsis specman
ave fortran opal spice
baan freebasic others spss
blitzbasic gap pascal sql
bullant haskell perl tacl
caml html pov tal
cmake inno powerpro tcl
cobol kix powershell tex
conf latex ps txt2tags
cpp lisp purebasic vb
csound lot python verilog
css lout r vhdl
d matlab rebol yaml
debug.py metapost ruby
eiffel mmixal SciTEUser
erlang modula3 scriptol

How to create a SciTE Home variable for consistent settings on multiple computers in 2021

SciTE Home variable

SciTE Home VariableHow to Create a SciTE Home variable

SciTE is an awesome editor which I use on multiple computers.  Instead of trying to keep track of my User.Properties files on each computer I’ve created a SciTE Home variable under my System settings.

This tells SciTE to use it for my default locations.  If you set it up on each computer you use you won’t have to worry about having different configuration settings.  While I predominately use it for AutoHotkey, I also show how you can setup importing other property files and configure the settings under languages.  Just remember you’ll need a folder that is accessible across each computer (I use DropBox to keep mine synced)

Here’s  a video walking through the process of creating a SciTE Home variable.


One-Line Operators in AutoHotkey are a great way

One-Line Operators in AutoHotkey

One-Line Operators in AutoHotkey are a great way to streamline / condense your code!  In the below video I walks through how to use them.  While I use them in a loop, this was merely an easy way to demonstrate them.

One-Line Operators in AutoHotkey Video Tutorial

Example AutoHotkey code of One-Line Operators in AutoHotkey



Loop, parse, Var, `n, `r ;loop over Var line by line
    myVar:=A_Index ;increment myVar

IfEqual, A_Index,1,continue ;skip processing header/1st row
IfEqual, A_LoopField,,continue ;Skip loop if A_Loopfiled is blank
IfEqual, A_Index,3,SetEnv,Data,New Value ;If A_Index is 3 set data:="New Value"
IfEqual, A_Index,5, Sleep, 2000 ;Sleep for 2 seconds on 3 
IfEqual, myVar,6,EnvAdd,myVar, 2 ;If myVar=6 add 2 to myVar
IfEqual, A_LoopField,three,break ;Note- need to use percents if variable    
IfEqual, A_index, 4, ExitApp ;Exit app if get to 10
IfLess, A_Index,6,FileAppend,%A_Loopfield%`r`n,test.txt,utf-8  ;If A_Index <6, write A_loopfield to test.txt
IfEqual, A_Index,4,ListVars
MsgBox % "index: " A_Index A_Enter "LoopField: " A_LoopField A_Enter "Data: " Data A_Enter "myVar: " myVar

Click window to toggle programs across monitors with AutoHotkey

toggle programs across monitorsToggle programs across monitors with AutoHotkey

Do you work with multiple monitors?  I have an awesome AutoHotkey script which allows me to simply hold down Alt and mouse-click on a program and it will “throw” it to the other monitor!.

Toggle programs across monitors with AutoHotkey

Here is the AutoHotkey Script to toggle programs across monitors

Being able to toggle programs across monitors is an amazing thing!