Example of Web Scraping- Automating Exporting of contacts from Lexis Nexis

Example of Web Scraping

Example of Web Scraping– Automating the Exporting of Data from Lexis Nexis

A few years back Lexis Nexis had access to Jigsaw (a sales list provider).  They had built in restrictions which allowed for exporting up to 1,000 contacts at a time.

Using AutoHotKey I was able to automate the exporting of contacts from Lexis Nexis into a great format.   All-told I exported over 4 million business contacts including their Name, job title, job function, email address, phone number, company name, company revenue, company NAIC code and SIC codes and much more!  It was quite a score and I was in love with Web Scraping  from then on!

Example of Web Scraping with AutoHotkey

Automating an HTML Outlook email with AutoHotKey

Outlook email

HTML Outlook emailAutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ball

With AutoHotKey it is very easy to automate an HTML Outlook email!  In the script below I show how to populate some of the common parameters of the object and insert HTML to the body as well as passing in a variable with time.  You can easily tweak the settings to your needs.

#SingleInstance, Force 
Browser_Back:: ;hotkey for running below
olMailItem := 0
o:= ComObjActive("Outlook.Application").Session()
MailItem := ComObjActive("Outlook.Application").CreateItem(olMailItem)
MailItem.BodyFormat := 2 ; olFormatHTML
MailItem.TO :="[email protected];[email protected]"
;~ MailItem.CC :=""
;~ MailItem.Replyto :="[email protected]"

TodayDate := A_DDDD . ", " . A_MMM . " " . A_DD . ", " . A_YYYY ;storing pretty version of date
MailItem.Subject := "email on " TodayDate ;Subject line of email

;***********html body of Outlook email******************* 
MailItem.HTMLBody := "
<H2 style='BACKGROUND-COLOR: red'><br></H2>
<HTML>Your file is here on "(TodayDate)" <br><br>
<span style='color:black'>Please let me know if you have any questions.
<br><br><a href='mailto:[email protected]'>Joe Glines</a> 
;~ MailItem.Attachments.Add(NewFile)

;~ MailItem.Display ;Make email visible
;~ mailItem.Close(0) ;Creates draft version in default folder
MailItem.Send() ;Sends the email

Here is a video walking through the usage of the above script.

Automate LinkedIn email introductions / mesages

LinkedIn email introductionsWriting a “thank you” email in LinkedIn can be time consuming. I wrote a short script toAutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ballautomate the process of writing LinkedIn email introductions.

It can dynamically populate the: To, subject line and message body which will greatly increase the likelihood of someone opening and reading your email.  Suddenly you can speak to a ton more people and still look like a rockstar!



LinkedIn email introductions automated via web scraping with AutoHotkey

Linkedin Robot for Automating Social Media Marketing 2014 …

May 2, 2014 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f8tsv814ec8xhxn.

Web Scraping and emailing data to client via Outlook

Web Scraping and emailing dataWeb Scraping and emailing data

Do you frequently  access a Web page / then have to write an email regarding the data you gathered?  I had to look at our SharePoint and then email clients based on what I found.   The email is sent via Outlook and is tailored, specifically, to my client.  Saves me a ton of time!

It is easy to use AutoHotKey to read various aspects of a SharePoint site and write custom emails tailored to the respondents.

Web Scraping and emailing data video demonstration