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API Call with AutoHotkey to pull WordPress Statistics

I stumbled upon something I had worked on years ago to pull stats from WordPress and decided to have a little fun. In this script I show how you can perform API calls with AutoHotkey to extract your stats from WordPress.
Make sure you get our API syntax writer to help you write your code!

API Call with AutoHotkey to pull WordPress Statistics

API Call with AutoHotkey to pull WordPress Statistics

Automate Unicode character encoding for HTML

Unicode character encoding

Our CMS does not support Unicode text thus when we need to search-replace for characters like the and © symbols. This takes a fair amount of time and is easy to miss so I wrote a script in AutoHotKey to automatically handle the Unicode character encoding.

Now I can highlight the word and click a button and  Whamo!  Instant replacement with HTML equivalents!  No more trying to scan text and find illegal characters.

Unicode character encoding

Here is the AutoHotKey code I use.  My code first grabs the highlighted text and copies it to the clipboard, where it manipulates it, then sends it back to the active program I was working in. No more need for Unicode character encoding!

Easily create & update GUI controls in AutoHotKey

Easily create & update GUI controlsAutoHotkey Merchandise-White Stress ball

This video discusses how to use some of the build in functionality to Easily create & update GUI controls in AutoHotKey. Specifically I discuss the use of Margins, Sections and Previous controls. After watching this video you’ll see GUIs are not nearly as hard in AutoHotKey as you had thought.

Script used in video:

Gui, +AlwaysOnTop +resize
Gui, color,aqua ;keep on top & allow resize
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text1
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text2
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text3
Gui, Add, Text,section , my text4
Gui, Add, Text,ys      , my text5
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text6
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text7
Gui, Add, Text,        , my text8
Gui, Show, w600 h400
#SingleInstance, Force


AutoHotKey script for automatically calculating X days out

Calculating X days out

Calculating X days out

A friend of mine works in manufacturing and is constantly having to determine the future date (e.g. 22 , 36, or 69 days out) and can be tedious if looking at a calendar (especially if it goes across months.)

I wrote a simple AutoHotKey script which returns the date for a given projected calculating X days out.  After saving the below as an AutoHotKey script, run it and an input box will come up asking how far you would like to project.  After you enter a number it will send the date that day falls on to the active editor window.  Now projecting x days out is a breeze!

Here is the AHK code:

InputBox, UserInput, Daysout, How many days out?, , 170, 125
if ErrorLevel
  Date :=""
  Date +=UserInput, Days
  FormatTime, nDate, %Date%, MM/dd/yyyy
  SendInput, %nDate% ;sends date to where focus is 

And this is a quick video demonstrating Calculating X days out: