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Now that is truth in advertising! How many other uses can we find?

If only advertising was this truthful!  In honesty, the billboard actually said “Makes your band sound better”  which I still found hysterical however I think my version

Truth in advertising

truth in advertising

Those of you old enough might recall this hilarious Dudley Moore movie where the ad guy decides to go ahead and “tell the truth” in ads. Here are a few of my favorite “truth in advertising” ads from the movie.


Mock focus groups- Surfers that do nothing (and are good at it!)

Mock focus groups- Surfers that do nothing

Like “Dude” this is totally awesome!  I can’t imagine if this mock focus groups were real!  I think it was a brilliant, and hilarious, move by Sony to demonstrate how non-savvy consumers can “look smart” by using their product.  Sadly I’ve actually watched a focus group that was very similar to these guys.  Kind of a cross between them and the Failed Rockers.  Does it scare anyone that they vote?  LOL.  Hopefully they don’t marry the Models or we are doomed!  And just imagine when these guys are Seniors.  :0  Thankfully we have the Toddlers as potential for the future.


Here is a book for those interested in learning about Focus groups. I recommend buying the used version

Driving in the South can be a challenge! Here’s a real sign near Athens, GA

Driving in the South

Those of you who’ve driven around in the South will appreciate the below highway sign.  Imagine cruising up on this sign doing about 80 (if you go slower you’ll be run off the road) and trying to figure out what road you’re supposed to take.  I lived there for 2 years and I still can’t make heads or tails out of this sign.  LOL

Driving in the South

Yep driving in the south will definitely keep you on your toes!

If you appreciate the above sign, this book might be of interest to you.

Photoshop-fun on Georgia recording for the blind and dyslexic

While getting my masters in Market Research in Athens, GA I found this building labeled “Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.”   I couldn’t resist and did a bit of Photo-shopping.  Can you see my edit?  LOL

I’m not blind, but I am dyslexic and I hope others don’t take offence at my jkoe.  Life is too short and we all need to be able to laugh a little.

Blind and dyslexic

Blind and Dyslexic

If you found the above funny, you might enjoy this book. It sure gave me a lot of laughs!