Direct Marketing 8- Developing Marketing Materials and Lead Generation


Direct Marketing 7- Competition, Positioning & Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Al Ries & Jack Trout: Positioning: The battle for your mind (Amazing, must read book!)
  • Jack Trout: Big Brands Big Trouble
  • Rosser Reeves: Reality in Advertising (This is an older book but he documented so much waste in advertising.  He’s also the first to bring up USP)
  • Dan Kennedy: No B.S. Price Strategy
  • Dan Kennedy: The Ultimate Marketing Plan (He spends a lot of time on USP)
  • Bill Bishop: The problem with penguins (How/why important it is to differentiate)
  • Dan Kennedy & Dave Dee: Audio on premium pricing
  • Dan Kennedy discusses the USP

    Direct Marketing 5- Product Hierarchy, Information Matrix, & Extensive, Limited & Routine Problem Solving

    • PowerPoint Deck with Product Hierarchy, Information Matrix, and Problem Solving stages
    • T.K Clarke: Consumer Behavior in Canada: Theory and Practice  (Product Hierarchy, Information Matrix & decision making stages are covered in this book.   This book was written by my mentor and has a ton of great information!)
    • Al Ries & Jack Trout: Positioning: the battle for your mind (This is a “must read“!)
    • Fishbein Multi-attribute model
    • Joseph Sugarman: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook has some good mentions of the importance of using customer language
    • Rossiter-Percy advertising planning grid  (Although dated, great article with amazing implications)


    How I got over 10,000 likes on my Facebook business page

    In the below video I demonstrate how I was able to, quickly, got over 10,000 likes on my Facebook business page.

    A couple things to keep in mind are:

    1. I paid for the likes
    2. The people that liked my page aren’t my target audience
    3. These likes are just for “social Approval” (so others think your page is cool)
    4. The likes will slowly slip away over time (I’m currently at 9,742.  I was at 10K around 2 years ago)
    5. You can use this spreadsheet to help make decisions on what countries to target

    How I got over 10,000 likes on my Facebook business page