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Driving in the South can be a challenge! Here’s a real sign near Athens, GA

Driving in the South

Those of you who’ve driven around in the South will appreciate the below highway sign.  Imagine cruising up on this sign doing about 80 (if you go slower you’ll be run off the road) and trying to figure out what road you’re supposed to take.  I lived there for 2 years and I still can’t make heads or tails out of this sign.  LOL

Driving in the South

Yep driving in the south will definitely keep you on your toes!

If you appreciate the above sign, this book might be of interest to you.

Great use of GIS data to decide your next business location

GIS Data

Years ago I helped a company that worked in the financial industry review where their current locations are and where FDIC Banks were located.  The GIS data was available for free from the FDIC.  If you spend some time you can merged the files together and look at it longitudinally.   The below map was particularly helpful in deciding where a new branch/office should be located.  I also imported the locations of competitors however I cannot share this data as it is too revealing.

I used Microsoft’s MapPoint to create the below map.  It is no longer with us however this would be easy to repeat with Google Maps.

GIS data

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually

Dallas attendance by zip code with drive-time zones- Man we wasted a lot of $

Our Dallas client was adamant that they “drew” from an enormous distance.  And, in truth, they did however when you add it all up and look at the annual attendance for the year, the vast majority of attendance came from a 30 minute drive time.

The below map shows the attendance by zip code overlayed with drive-time zones of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.  The cost for purchasing mass-media, to reach the outer areas, was definitely not worth the return on investment!

Attendance by zip code

attendance by zip code

If you’re new to GIS analysis, I recommend the following book as good intro.

Here’s a great book to get ideas on conveying data visually