AutoHotkey Webinar-Advanced HotStrings and External Keyboards

AutoHotkey webinar


  • Intro to GUI’s with AutoHotkey course is live and it’s Awesome!
  • I also announced a website I’m working on that will connect Mentors with Mentees.  Watch the video to learn more.  It should be live in ~ 1 week
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Podcast highlights

074-mp3 Video CyberU Rejection Letter
075-mp3 Video Alternatives to GitHub
076-mp3 Video Creating GUIs with AutoHotkey-  GUIs are Easy!

Script Highlight

We started off highlighting a script which Jean Lalonde (author of Quick Access Popup) had created to test being able to identify a unique computer.  You can get the code here: The code is to ensure a given license is being used on only one device.

AutoHotkey webinar

In October’s AutoHotkey webinar an attendee (Maciej Słojewski) shared a couple of scripts he, and his company, have been working on.

The first hour focused on his advanced HotStrings tool which is pretty awesome!  You can access it on both Github and the AutoHotkey forum.

In the 2nd hour Maciej shared his work on external keyboards.   This was really interesting as he had a second keyboard which had every letter covered and assigned to an AutoHotkey script as well as showing how he’d connected a small touch-screen and was clicking “virtual” buttons on it which were launching scripts!  This second script is still in development however you can see it here on the AutoHotkey forum

Thanks again for sharing your work Maciej!



AutoHotkey GitHub Webinar: Become an amazing AHK Programmer in 2020

AutoHotkey Github WebinarWe had an awesome webinar today! Jean Lalonde, author of Quick Access Popup, lead us on a great webinar today regarding how to use GitHub to with our AutoHotkey scripts & programs.  BTW we streamed the webinar live to this AutoHotkey Facebook group.

AutoHotkey Podcasts Highlighted

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  • Jackie Sztuk
  • Ryan Wells
  • Jean Lalonde
  • Raptor X
  • Charlie Simmons / Tank
  • Joe Glines

69 Do people see what needs Automation?

Script Highlight

taskManager by fenchai23


AutoHotkey GitHub Webinar

Video Hour 1: High-level overview
Video Hour 2: Finishing up on GitHub

Here’s the deck shared by Jean Lalonde during the webinar


AutoHotkey Webinar- Update on CloudAHK

Update on CloudAHK

In our July AutoHotkey webinar GeekDude gave us an update on the progress he’d made on CloudAHK which looks to be a very amazing tool for new

We also mentioned that Isaias Baez (Raptor X / AHK Tuts) has started working here at the-Automator.  🙂

Together we’re going to be creating more AutoHotkey Courses and would LOVE your help understanding which courses to start on!

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Hour 1:  Update & overview of CloudAHK

Hour 2: How GeekDude built CloudAHK (Including how to pack-up files in an executable and access them w/o exporting)

Script Highlight:  Peek inside files