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Easily create a GIST with your GitHub account with this Amazing AutoHotkey script

create a GIST with your GitHub accountEasily create a GIST with your GitHub account

Publishing your code into places like: Facebook, YouTube, or even WordPress can be a pain!   For years I struggled with WordPress breaking my scripts even though they were tagged to leave them alone.

I finally had enough of WordPress breaking my scripts and asked Maestrith (the other of AHK Studio) to help borrow from the code built into AHK Studio that pushes via an API call to GitHub.   We came up with the below code which makes it really easy to post your code in an HTML document or just link to a page that will render properly (and show Intellisense). You’ll need to swap out the endpoint (GitName) and your secret Token to get it to work, otherwise it will be a breeze!  You can read more about GISTs here

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