Creating a Second SciTE window with a hack

Second SciTE windowTypically I like having one SciTE window with multiple tabs however, at times, it is very handy to have a Second SciTE window.

Making a minor tweak to your file is an easy way to achieve this.

Just open your current file and add the below code to it.

#**********************Open multiple instances********************************* 
#**************Open current file in new *********************************=Open in New Window
command.17.*="$(SciteDefaultHome)\SciTE.exe" -save.session=0 "$(FilePath)"

#**************Open blank new window*********************************=Open New Window
command.18.*="$(SciteDefaultHome)\SciTE.exe" -save.session=0

For a quick review of how it works and how to add it you can check out this video

Creating a Second SciTE window


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