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Notepad++ Hotkeys

AutoHotkey editor Notepad++Here you ‘ll find 79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++

Notepad++ is currently the most popular AutoHotkey editor around!  It’s got lots of great built-in functionality.  We recommend you download this cheat-sheet and print it out so you can begin to memorize some of the great built-in hotkeys for Notepad++.

Print out these 79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++
Print out these 79 built in hotkeys for Notepad++

The video provides a list of 79 built-in hotkeys for Notepad++ to help users work smarter and improve productivity.

  • 00:00 Nearly 30% of respondents in an autohotkey survey use Notepad++ as their default editor, despite the speaker’s personal preference.
  • 00:22 Notepad++ has some unique features that other text editors don’t have, and this video provides a file with useful hotkeys for it.
  • 00:51 The speaker discusses built-in hotkeys for Notepad++ and suggests filtering out the must-know hotkeys to memorize.
  • 01:17 The transcript discusses generic hotkeys that work on all programs, such as Alt+F4 to close any program, and mentions the specific hotkey for saving as in Notepad++.
  • 01:40 Print out these 79 built-in hotkeys for Notepad++ to work smarter and improve productivity.


hey it’s Joe Glines here from https://the-Automator.com We did an AutoHotkey survey we did a while backwe you know asked people what their default AutoHotkey editor is and nearly 30 it said notepad plus plus which surprised me and i’m not knocking it i don’t i don’t need all the people saying how wonderful it isi’ve used it in the past it just to methere’s some things just missing in it that i i i know it has some things other ones don’t have but i like AutoHotkey studio overalland then site for my regular stuff
and then even visual studio orvs code isaias has been showing me using with git it’s really powerful anyway this video is aboutusing notepad plus plus and i created a couplethere’s one file which you can get and then it has these three Auto filesand let me explain what they are here so let’s get out of the waythese are built-in Hotkeys rightand what i did was i went through and and said hey if you must you know are they theHotkeys must knows this in excel you could filter so i could come in here
and just say hey just show me the must knows okay these are the ones i should memorize rightor you knowlet’s go back to all of blanks i don’t even know what that is all right let’s just show them so allthe one in the boldanything that’s bold basically means that they’re generic that really they kind of work on all programs right they’re not they’re not specific just to notepad plus plus which obviously this one is i don’t know how that got and all four actually that is that is
one that is genericalt f4 it’s a hard one to reach but it does close almost any programand i guess isaias was telling me save asisi haven’t found that but anyway all rightso here is thethe spreadsheeti also for convenience sake if you don’t want to use filtersi have these here so you can just use this or i basically exported these things into pdfs and that way you could print them out if you don’t have excel i think most people have excel or can use google sheets to open it and
manipulate it but i highly recommend you print if you don’t know all these print them out memorize them start using them because we all know right Hotkeys using you know these are built-in Hotkeys and i believe in open plus plus like Auto editors you can change theHotkey that’s assigned to it or of course you can use AutoHotkey to change it for us if we want to butjust wanted to make this availableit’s a you know working smarter not harder is a big theme for me and i hope you’re all doing it too so
have a great day cheers

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