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Schedule a Tune-up for your AutoHotkey Script! / AutoHotkey Code Review

AutoHotkey Tune-up / Code ReviewAutoHotkey Script Tune-up / Code Review

Do you have a script that needs improving but is beyond your current AutoHotkey skills?

Do you “know” there is a better approach to your script but are not clear how to implement?

Do you want your script to perform faster and more reliably?

Are you tired of your script crashing right when you need it most?

Would you like to “level-up” your Automation skills faster than you could have imagined possible?

Consider getting a Tune-up / Code Review.   Here is what you get for $309 $99

  • 1 hour live review with Isaias Baez & Joe Glines (Combined 25+ years of AHK experience)
  • Video Recording, exclusivly for you, of the review with links to future learning
  • Clear direction on ways to improve / Optimize your code
  • References where to learn more about what is mentioned during call
  • Bundle pack of “must have” AutoHotkey tools
  • 2 AutoHotkey books by Jack Dunning
  • Access to AHK Hero Telegram group for 1 month (where you can ask follow-up questions)
  • Access to AHK Hero zoom calls for 1 month (2 hours on Friday and 1 on Saturday)
  • Amazing “must have” Inspection tools
  • A Discount code for 25% off anything we offer

We’re so certain you’ll get great value from this experience that we’re offering a Double your money back Guarantee!  Our clients frequently recommend our services to their coworkers, friends and colleagues so it is vitally important to us that you are 100% satisfied❗

If, after 30 days of your session, you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, we will refund double your payment!

That’s right, I’ll give you a 200% refund.

You keep the AutoHotkey books, scripts, and recording.

Just send us an email, and we’ll send you the double what you paid.  No hassles, headaches, no questions, or hoops to jump through.   If you can look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t receive the value what you paid I’m willing to refund your fee and match it!

Why am I so confident?  Because the #1 question asked by our clients at conclusion of the meeting is when can they schedule another call

Our guarantee is doubly important when you realized nobody else gives one at all and I outright dare anyone else offering AutoHotkey training to match this guarantee.

This offer will not last forever.   We happen to have a little extra time and thought we’d help people while we can however I encourage you to act now before we put it back to the original price and/or stop offering it entirely!

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