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PMC Group: Get World Class AutoHotkey Support by joining the Pulover Macro Creator group

$4.99 Join today and Get Professional Support

PMC Group Overview

Thank you for your interest in the PMC Group❗ By joining the club you get two main benefits:

  • Access to live “office hours” —  Each Saturday (currently at 10 CDT) we meet in Zoom for one hour and help answer questions about how to get scripts to work and best practices.   We have over 1,400 AutoHotkey videos on YouTube, have lead over 60 AHK webinars and nearly 150 podcasts on AutoHotkey.   We’ve not only worked with AHK for a combined 35 years, but we know more AHK experts than anyone else on the planet!   Since we’ve worked with AutoHotkey full time for many years, we are able to provide far better support /advice than anyone else!
  • We are in high demand even though our hourly rates are not cheap!  This is why we created the PMC group❗  So we can have “office hours” available to spread out the costs to multiple members
  • We used to have “Free Friday” calls on YouTube however often people can’t share their screens because of privacy issues. These call’s won’t be “exclusive” to you but the content will not be shared publicly.  They are only shared amongst a other PMC Group members.
  • The meetings take place in Zoom and are recorded, put on YouTube (but are unlisted) and shared with other PMC members.
  • In addition to the 1 hour each week of access to world quality experts, you are also able to get 20% Discount on Tutoring, Consultation, or “done for youproject work.
  • 20% discount to any AutoHotkey course
  • 20% discount to AutoHotkey Books

AHK Hero Community – Where friends and AutoHotkey skills meet!

$4.99 Join today and Get Professional Support

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