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AHKAddToStartUp: Easily add/remove items to your Windows Startup


This script allows you to enable/disable and even add programs to your system’s startup.

Add to startup: Easily add / remove programs from Windows Startup

Add to startup: Easily add / remove programs from Windows Startup

The key idea of the video is that the speaker has created a tool that allows users to easily add or remove programs from the Windows startup folder, even if Microsoft’s own tools do not allow for it.

  • 00:00 Easily add programs to Windows Startup with a new tool created by Joe and Isaias.
  • 00:26 Easily add or remove programs from Windows startup, even if Microsoft’s own tools don’t allow you to add entries or delete them, by manually editing the registry.
  • 01:17 The speaker created a script that allows users to easily select and add/remove programs from the Windows startup folder.
  • 02:02 The script allows you to easily disable and enable programs from Windows Startup without permanently deleting them from your registry.
  • 03:12 You can add or remove programs from Windows startup easily, without them automatically adding themselves, using this tool.
  • 03:57 You can easily add any program or executable file to the Windows startup folder, as long as it is associated with an existing program or is an executable file.
  • 04:32 You can easily add or remove programs from Windows startup by disabling them in a simple script that keeps track of disabled programs in an ini file.
  • 05:09 Easily add or remove programs from Windows Startup by targeting specific registry keywords, making it convenient for people starting out with auto hockey or any other program.
    • You can easily add programs to Windows startup, which was not possible before, making it convenient for people starting out with autohotkey or any other program.
    • Easily add or remove programs from Windows Startup by targeting specific registry keywords, similar to how other programs do it themselves.

Transcript to Add To Startup video

hey everyone it’s Joe and Isaias’s from the-Automator here andthis tool like if you know if you if you’re back in the xp days adding something to your windows startup was super easy whether it’s an AutoHotkey script or anything right nowadays it it’s you gotta kinda hack it and that was ridiculous and so Isaias is like hey let’s find it let’s make a tool that makes it really easy to add either an AutoHotkey script or any any sort of program you want to have it all we start up or you know let’s also be able to
disable stuff from the startup because especially when you buy like a computer from you know like dell or gateway or whatever’s out these days it has a lot of a lot of tools but yeah so much stuff now the funny thing is that microsoft has its own tools for checking on those things but the tool itself doesn’t let you add something right that started right simple stuff right it allows you to disable right and even disabling it i don’t remember if it allows you to delete from it like delete the entry it just disables
itself just to it just disables that right now what about if i have a script that i want to be executing all the time how will do i do that now you would have to manually put it in the in the editor in the registryif you don’t know how to do that it might seem like a very big hack right because you have to navigate theseregister keys and stuff butit is usually not that easy not not complicated but it is something that you’re not used to do very often so it might not have a tool a little gui that makes it easy right why not have
like something that just allows you to just select the files yeah you do have a startup folder but i’m not sure if that’syou just can’t easily access it no you have to navigate to it right but if you have a script that just select the file and that’s it right it would be kind of like cool right so that’s what we did we went ahead and created this little script that does that for you again this is a free it is something that you could go ahead and take a look at the code and modify it if however you’ve seen it the one good
thing about it is that it keeps track of whatever you disabled before so that if you want to re-enable it it’s not like you lost the information there right soif we run the script it’s just going to go ahead and list whatever is set up to be run automatically for the current users right so we are not going to access anything that is created by the administrator of the computer because you need to run the script in administrator mode and we don’t want to do that right now so it is just whatever it is set up for
the user in my case there was there was a very big list of it like there was a lot of things but in our casei just removed them right so now i just have these three things but you could go ahead and disable something right and this is going to be kept so if you want to enable it back later on it is not something that deleted it completely from your registry and you will not have a way to access it later right and one thing to clarify because i was misunderstood with how this worked initially is this script you run it but
it doesn’t stay running so it’ll make changes to your registryand you can close it and that’s it right yeah it doesn’t keep running it doesn’t add itself to the startup you know no it doesn’t do that either so that says that if there’s for example a program like zoom by itself that adds itself to the registry whenever it starts up then it’s going to add itself all the time so the next time you run zoom it’s gonna add itself to the startup folder if you don’t select the option to not do that
right but in our case it is just for disabling quickly we are going to handle that later on but for now it’s just disabling quick stuff that don’t add themselves like thatbut not only you can and and the main purpose of this and the name implies that is to add stuff to the startup so you have a button here to add something it’s just going to ask you well what do you want to add to the startup and you just select whatever it is it doesn’t matter if it is anAutoHotkey script or if it isan
executable whatever you want you can add it to the startup folder because obviously just some part of a program right yeah of course because if not it’s gonna give you an errorror it’s going to say like this program cannot be wrong or something but so long as it is associated with an existing program or if it isn’t is an executable file then yeah it’s just going to execute by itself you see how easy it was it’s just going to ask you what it is you want to add and then you just hit okay that’s it
in this case i didn’t select any files so it’s going to tell me like hey you didn’t select anything but in any case if i don’t want it any longer i just disable it and that’s it so basically it’s a very simple script it is something thatyou can modify it or if you want to take a look at how it keeps track of what it was disabled it is just an ini file that has whatever you had disabled with the past with the path to it if you want to delete this ini file you can go ahead and do so and now when you restart the script that
thatthing that was disabled is not gonna show up on the on the script itself anyway so it’s very simplethe one thing what i think it adds value to it is just the fact that you can add stuff to the startup very easily easily because that you couldn’t do before right especially i mean the thing is people starting out with AutoHotkey again it could be anything but you’re like hey i want this to run every time i launch my computer and it used to be so easy to do that and with windows now yeah some people don’t find a way to
easily do it but now you have a way to just click a button that’s it right in any case okay so in any case yeah what we’re going to do is thatin any case you can go ahead and remove that and add it very easily and just learn how you do that how you can take a look at the source code and see exactly which locations i’m actually using to do that and you know you learn how to do this kind of stuff for your own scripts if you want to go ahead and in my case my AutoHotkey toolkit script is starting by default for me right and it
is an option and i have this option how do i do that well that’s how i do it i target that specificplace which is for the current user and i add the script there and if you select the option to not do that then i just remove it that’s how all the other programs do it themselves it’s the same thing how all the other programs do that they just add themselves to the to this particular registry keyword if you wish andthey just add or remove themselves from it that’s what this script does by itself
as well right awesome well thanks man i hope everyone enjoys using this it is a it’s a very powerful easy to use script okay cheers

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