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ADOSQL v5.04L – By [VxE]

Wraps the utility of ADODB to connect to a database, submit a query, and read the resulting recordset.
Returns the result as a new object (or array of objects, if the query has multiple statements).
To instead have this function return a string, include a delimiter option in the connection string.

For AHK-L (v1.1 or later).
Freely available @ http://auto-hotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?p=365

How to run SQL queries on local text files

How to run SQL queries on local text files

IMPORTANT! Before you can use this library, you must have access to a database AND know the connection
string to connect to your database.

Varieties of databases will have different connection string formats, and different drivers (providers).
Use the mighty internet to discover the connection string format and driver for your type of database.

Example connection string for SQLServer (2005) listening on port 3456 and with a static IP:

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