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AHK Hero Plus Bonus: Amazing v1 Scripts & Libraries

I perused my ~10,922 AutoHotkey (mostly v1) files and found 2,449 Scripts of the best scripts / examples which you get for free when you join the AHK Hero Plus group.

The scripts are a collection of my work over the past 15 years in AutoHotkey.   They are in various levels of development and functionality however many can get you started working on a topic.

Here is a high-level breakout of what is included

  • 362 files: My Library folder  (These are functions that I use in many of my scripts)
  • 191 files: Windows Environment (Clipboard, WMI, Alternate Data Streams, System Path, Registry, Explorer, Shell hooks, etc.)
  • 284 files: MS Office (Working with COM objects in: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, etc.)
  • 916 files: AHK Functionality (when I’ve tested working with various AutoHotkey functionaily)
  • 618 files: APIs (APIs are amazing!  this has a lot of diffent APIs I’ve played with over the years)
  • 78 files: ACC / UIA (Lots of tools for poking around with both ACC and UIA)
Retail Price: $2,449.00

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