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AHK Studio Debug Window

DebugWindowYou can get the DebugWindow featured in this video by clicking below

AHK Studio: Dump text to the Output / Debug Window
AHK Studio: Dump text to the Output / Debug Window

The key idea of the video is to demonstrate how to use the output window in AutoHotkey Studio to conveniently display and manage large amounts of text, as well as manipulate the output window and use objects in AHK Studio.

  • 00:00 The speaker demonstrates how to use the output window in AutoHotkey Studio to conveniently display and manage large amounts of text.
  • 00:32 The speaker demonstrates how to read and dump a large file into the output window, and also explains the use of the “clear” parameter in the “hello world” program.
  • 01:07 You can clear the output window or leave the text, but it’s useful to clear it to see what you’re doing, and setting the line break to zero allows for a continuous display of text.
  • 01:39 The speaker demonstrates how to manipulate the output window in AHK Studio by adjusting settings and using the “clear” function.
  • 02:08 Set a short sleep time to easily identify new output in the debug window when troubleshooting.
  • 02:48 The speaker demonstrates how to use objects in AHK Studio to easily view and access the contents of a large object.
  • 03:57 Iterate through an object string function by inputting numbers in different languages and observing the output.
  • 04:18 The debug window in AHK Studio is a useful tool for debugging and displaying large object message boxes, allowing for easy copying and pasting, although it lacks search functionality and may have issues with utf-8.
haste reliance you know in this video on autohotkey studio I wanted to talk to how I use this this output window and some of the cool features a straight built into it and first off so let me assure my script is running and I’m gonna hit the hotkey to launch this and it’s gonna dump hello world into the output right so I’m hey no biggie it’s very convenient instead of having a message box or butBut I really use it for when there’s a lot of text so that’s what I want to demonstrate here was this
one I’m gonna read in this big file and you can see how I’m gonna read in the file and dump the whole file there so it’s 214 lines and it just dumps it right to it real quickly right so while I have this up let me let me demonstrate some other the the cool parameter so you know what first let’s go back to hello world for a couple these because it’s easier to UM to demonstrate so there’s the hello world right as I as I mentioned the clear if I set that to a zero now when I rerun this watch where
that does it doesn’t delete what was there before right so this clear means do you want to get rid of what’s already in the window or just leave it and so it’s nice to have that ability right normally I want to clear it out because I want to know what I’m doing this is the output but hey every once while you’d like to see them you know right next to each other and it’s just it’s really cool the line break I got actually for that when I got a good set this to zero because the line break
right now it um it automatically you wouldn’t notice anything if it was clearing everything but what the line break does is if I set this to zero and rerun it watch where hello world of this hello world appears so I didn’t clear it and this time hello world ended up in the same line so you have that option as well again I don’t really change your said often but it’s good to know it’s there set it back to one now this sleep it allows it to how long you want it to kind of well we ought to have the clear for that right so so if I
set this to zero watch what happened like it it just is instantly there right but if like if I run it again and I run it again like I’m hitting it how do I know that when I’m troubleshooting that that’s new output and so this sleep if I set it at 2500 that’s way too high so when I run it watch it clears it and then it’s gonna wait two and a half seconds until the output gets put in there and so I you leave this usually at five hundred so I can I can watch a blink and I know that’s new output cuz I can see it
disappear and come back but it’s a super handy way to be able to do that um but that’s basically Oh so that’s that’s the first but you’re stealing with text now let’s comment both these out and we’re gonna jump into using objects now in here I’m I’m taking the object of string which I’ll put a link into the comments for this but I’m a strength has his option string function and let me first show what is in object obj1 again actually that should be lower there we go so if I run
it now what’s cool about that object of string is it and of course this works in a message box as well but I like having it this output when you have a big object it’s really nice having this out the window so because you can see everything at once and at first it takes a little getting used to but because you see it’s just as dot om e equals one and dot o sorry dot T wo equals two well imagine if you wanted to access that you would say like message brought percent now you put back in the name of the
object obj1 and then dot one right and that’s so that is how would I do this the number one comes up right so anyway that’s how you can iterate look at it and let’s say if we were what’s cool with this the object string function let’s say I put in 3 which happens to be so two is to Adam in Spanish DOS and trace and then three is multilevel and this is where again it’s it’s um it’s not necessarily expressing all the advantages of this Apple window but when you have a really big object
message boxes often look really really hard to follow the other great thing is you can come in here and copy it and paste it the only thing you can’t do in here that I remember as you can’t search and the other thing if I remember correctly no um I was just say something to do with the utf-8 but I think that’s just the find/replace has that in here you can so put the utf-8 stuff and probably copy and paste it fine I think he actually fixed that that was when I noticed and I think he fixed it but um anyway that’s a
super quick outlook on the it’s called the debug window and it’s actually used for debugging but I use it instead of having a bunch of ugly message boxes that break lines different spaces it’s really hard to see I like having it available and just have it to be able to jump to it thanks

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