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AHK v1 to v2 Transition Course


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Upgrade your AutoHotkey skills with our AHK v1 to v2 Transition Course!

Benefit from a seasoned instructor’s 10+ years of GUI experience.  The transition to AutoHotkey v2 can be challenging for some users due to a number of changes, including syntax changes, command name changes, and increased likelihood of errors.

The updated syntax in v2 is more in line with modern programming languages, but can be difficult for users who are familiar with the previous version of the language.

Additionally, some of the commands have been renamed or modified, which can lead to confusion for users who are familiar with the previous version of the language. Finally, v2 is stricter about enforcing syntax rules, which can result in more errors being thrown when executing scripts written for v1.

Overall, the transition to v2 requires a certain level of adjustment and adaptation, but many users find the improvements to be worth the effort.

Here’s a high-level overview of what you’ll learn in the 2+ hours of content:

  • Which Editors are available, the importance of installation order, the new launcher configuration, and the v1 to v2 conversion tool.
  • Changes in #requires and #include Directives.
  • Variables unset status, new warnings/errors, assignment operator changes, and expressions.
  • Changes to quotations and continuation sections.
  • Changes to the auto execute section, multiline hotkeys/hotstrings, and scope for global variables.
  • Changes in commands, and improved GUI and Menu syntax.

AHK v1 to v2 Transition Course

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Couse Length 2h+

Section 1 – Installation

  • Introduction
  • Editors
  • Order of Installation Matters
  • Configure the launcher
  • v1 to V2 converter tool
  • v1 to v2 Paste Tool

Section 2 – Directives

  • Requires Directive
  • Changes to #include

Section 3 – Important Changes

  • Variables can be set/unset
  • More Warning/Errors
  • The assignment operator changes
  • Everything is an expression

Section 4 – Text

  • Changes to Quotations
  • Continuation Sections

Section 5 – Flow and Scope

  • Auto Execute Section
  • Multiline Hotkeys/Hotstrings changes
  • Huge scope changes for global variables

Section 6 – Command changes

  • Commands can’t start with a comma
  • Can’t put a space between the command and its parenthesis
  • Some commands changed parameter order
  • Some commands changed name
  • Subcommands are split into their own functions
  • Drastic improvements to GUI and Menu syntax

Section 7 – Objects and Functions

  • Objects/Maps/Arrays are different entities
  • Objects can’t be looped as before
  • Array indexes errors
  • No more ByRef keywords
  • New object: Buffer
  • DllCalls are very tricky to translate from v1 to v2

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